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The Strengths our i-DNS Technology

Globally resolvable solution
Multilingual domain names registered through i-DNS are resolvable and workable around the world. For example, Internet users in the United States can access websites using Chinese domain names registered in Greater China, Singapore, Australia, etc.

Supports both Server-side and Client-side Resolution Solution
With a server-side solution, subscribers to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that has been patched with our technology will be able to access websites using multilingual domain names without having to install any additional software.

With a Client-side solution, Internet users can simply download and install our free iClient software, which will then empower them to start using multilingual domain names.

Via its ability to resolve on either the client or server-side, i-DNS provides comprehensiveness and flexibility, catering to different requirements and needs.

Supports variants within a language
Users and registrants do not have to concern themselves with the variants within a language. Even the word 'Taiwan' is written differently in traditional and simplified Chinese, users who key in either one of the scripts will be brought to the same website. Registrants only need to register in one of the variant scripts.

Resolves all types of multilingual domain names
The i-DNS technology provides open-ended solutions that possess the robustness and flexibility to resolve all types of multilingual domain name offerings that are available, namely the following:

  1. Native-character domain names ending with ICANN-approved ascii-entension gTLDs like .com and .net offered by i-DNS.net's registry partners like Verisign

  2. Complete native-character domain names registered with i-DNS.net's Registrar partners and managed by i-DNS.net's Multilingual Registry Services or its partners like CNNIC Registry

  3. .ccTLD domain names like (but not restricted to) Multilingual.cc and Multilingual.tv offered by i-DNS.net's Registry partners like eNIC and dotTV respectively

Differentiates similar characters according to their encoding type

    - Chinese Encoding
    - Japanese Encoding
    - Korean Encoding

In case where the same characters represent different meanings in their respective local encodings, i-DNS is able to make the differentiation. As the respective native users input the characters on the URL bar, they will be brought to the relevant site based on the encoding used.

Support specific applications like e-mail, ftp, etc
Because i-DNS internationalizes domain names at the fundamental level, application usage of i-DNS goes beyond the website URL to Email, FTP, Telnet, SNMP and any Internet Protocol in general.

This means that registrant of can have as his e-mail address.

Caters to all types of localization
i-DNS facilitates localizations of any types. For example, i-DNS supports bi-directionality in Arabic scripts and yet preserves the (dot.) separator.

Easy to Administer and Host
i-DNS does not require the DNS administrator to know all languages before he/she can maintain the Native-character Domain Name System record. Our technology comes with easy to use language-conversion tools available for the administrator to manage the Domain Name System.

i-DNS fulfills all technical requirements as discussed at the Internet Engineering Task Force, Internationalized Domain Name Working Group Process. This has led to the creation of industry-friendly solutions, with many implications:

  1. A rapid and broad-based adoption of our solutions by global Internet community.
  2. Availability of wide-range solution offerings that will NOT lead to the fragmentation of the Internet market
  3. Assurance that our approach addresses the widest technical possibilities in resolving Internationalized Domain Names - ranging from Client-based to Server-based to Application-based.

All native-character names registered through i-DNS are ACE-based, NAMEPREPPED and globally resolvable via a client-side resolution plug-in.

Flexible technology
i-DNS is a flexible technology that will accommodate and adapt itself to any new proposed standards promulgated by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). This means that registrants are unlikely to lose any name(s) registered through our Registrar partners.

Wide language support and still expandable
i-DNS covers all languages supported by Unicode, the industry standard for computer characters, and its language support is still expanding. This means that i-DNS is able to cater to almost all the languages used in the world today.
- Click here to see the list of languages supported by i-DNS

Security Conscious
Being compatible with the current Domain Name System, i-DNS does not significantly add additional security burdens to what the current DNS system requires.

Easy to use and adopt
i-DNS comes with a wide range of free tools and software that allow end-users to input, display and register Internationalized Domain Names, and at the same time resolving them.

True Solution with No Ambiguity
i-DNS is based on a true Domain Name System solution that resolves multilingual domain names to specific numerical IP addresses. There is no ambiguity involved and registrants who key in the domain names will get to one specific and dedicated website

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