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Apache Virtual Hosting

Apache supports multilingual domain name virtual hosting. It can be done directly just like normal English domain virtual hosting.

Example for www.i-DNS.net:

apache httpd.conf

        ServerName www.i-DNS.net
        DocumentRoot /home/httpd/html

        ServerName 国际化域名.网络
        DocumentRoot /home/httpd/html-gb

        ServerName 瓣悔て办.呼蹈
        DocumentRoot /home/httpd/html-big5

        ServerName L6FDP645L316L7DFL40D.NF51NEDC.aced.net
        DocumentRoot /home/httpd/html-big5

We can send user to the appropriate pages by entering the "ServerName" using different encoding.

Remember to virtual host the ASCII compatible Encoding(ACE) string(UTF5 or RACE, depending on your language: Chinese, Arabic and Indian Languages uses UTF5, others use RACE). Append ".aced.net". to your ACE string.*

*Technical Explantion:
This way, users of iClient can be directed to your assigned destination because the "ACEstring.aced.net" is what iClient will sent to your webserver as "host" in the HTTP header

If you happen to be using Apache version 1.3.10, 1.3.11, 1.3.12 or 1.3.14, please take note that these old versions of Apache does not support virtual hosting of multilingual domain names. We recommend that you upgrade your Apache.

If for some reason, you'll like to continue running your current version of Apache but wish to add support for virtual hosting of multilingual domain names, you have to make a small change to Apache source code and recompile the binary. Please click here for more information.

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