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iResolve Installation Guide

1. Upon clicking on the 'iResolveTM' hyperlink beside the download icon, you will be brought to the license agreement page.

2. After going through the license agreement and agreeing to bind by all the terms of the license agreement, check on the "I AGREE" box at the bottom of the license agreement page. Click on the 'Download' button thereafter.

3. If the following dialog is displayed, click "Yes". Ignore this step if you do not see the following security prompt.

4. iResolveTM will then be downloaded securely, after which it will be installed automatically, ending with the following message - 'iResolveTM has been successfully installed'

After successfully installing iResolveTM, you will be automatically brought back to the iResolveTM download page, where you can view its usage guide or FAQ, or move on to viewing other parts of the website.

Trouble-shooting the installation

1. Upon encountering the following error message -

"The iResolveTM installation process has failed. You probably have set your Internet security settings to 'High', or customized your setting such that ActiveX is prevented from running. In order to install iResolveTM, please set your security setting to medium or lower, as the installation requires ActiveX to run."

You should:

a) Go to Tools -> Internet Options. Select the Security Menu within the Internet Options.

b) Set your security level to 'Medium' or lower by dragging the slider down. If your setting is set as custom, click on the 'Default Level' button first, in order to see the slider, which you can then drag it to 'Medium' or lower.

c) Go back to the iResolveTM download page and repeat Step (1) of the installation guide.

To uninstall

  1. Open Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs.

  2. Select "i-DNS iResolve" under the currently installed programs.

  3. Click the "Change/Remove" button to uninstall iResolve.

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