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iResolve FAQ

General   |   Troubleshooting


1) What is iResolveTM?
iResolveTM is a free Windows plug-in that enables the resolution of native language domain names. Developed especially for users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) 4.0 and above, iResolve's download size is minimal, enabling users to download easily and securely regardless of their connection speed.

Upon installation, users will be able to instantly access websites by keying in the hosted native language domain names on the URL bar.

2) What does it do?
iResolveTM enables people to use domain names in their language of choice. It allows users worldwide to access websites using native language domain names of any nature, such as those registered with VeriSign Global Registry Services, i-DNS.net International, eNIC Corporation, dotTV Corporation, any many more.

iResolveTM runs within Internet Explorer version 4.0 and above, and auto-detects the encoding of the native language domain name keyed onto the URL bar. With iResolveTM, the URL is able to retain the native language domain name, which translates into brand awareness. It also supports hyperlinks of native language domain names.

3) What languages does it currently support?
iResolveTM supports all legacy encoding standards, including GBK, BIG5, Shift-JIS, EUC-KR, ISO-8859 standard (used in European and Middle East) and Windows CodePages (used in localized Windows 3.1 and 95 system), UTF-8 (used in Windows 98/2000/ME and Internet Explorer) and various others ASCII-Compatible Encoding such as AMC-ACE-Z, RACE, DUDE and UTF-5.

Please see here for a full listing of supported languages and encoding.

4) What are its system requirements?
iResolveTM runs best on a computer with a Pentium processor or equivalent. It is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000; and runs on Internet Explorer version 4.0 and above.

5) How do I use iResolveTM?
iResolveTM runs within Internet Explorer version 4.0 and above. Upon installation, you just have to type in the native language web address of the website you wish to visit. If the web address is properly hosted, you will be brought to the desired page.

If you have already installed iResolve, you may wish to try using our sample native language web addresses here.

6) How do I uninstall iResolveTM?
To uninstall iResolveTM, simply follow the steps:
1) Open Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs.
2) Select "i-DNS iResolve" underthe currently installed programs.
3) Click the "Change/Remove" button to uninstall iResolve.

7) How do I upgrade the version of my iResolveTM?
iResolveTM has an auto-update feature and will check for any newer version every 5 days. Should there be a newer version is available, the following dialog will be displayed:

Upon clicking "Yes", the update page will be displayed and users will just have to follow the set of simple instructions to update their iResolve.

* Note that the update can take effect only after restarting the computer.

8) Where can I download the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer?
You may do so from by following the links on Microsoft's Windows Update Page here.

9) How do I input native scripts that differ from my operating system's language onto my URL/web address bar?
To be able to type in other languages, you will require an input method. Windows 2000 has a built-in input method that comes with the installation of the language pack.

If you are using Windows 98/ME/NT/95, you will require a separate input method such as NJStar, which is available for download at www.NJStar.com. Note that NJStar only supports input method for Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages.

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1) I cannot get to the website I want!
Assuming that the website that you want to visit is already properly hosting a native language domain name, check that:

a)You are using Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser, and that the version of the Internet Explorer is equal to or more than 4.0. You may check the version of your IE by going to 'Help', and select 'About Internet Explorer'.

b) You are using only the following OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000.

You may wish to write to us at info@i-DNS.net should you still face difficulty using iResolve. If you encounter any bug, you may send a bug report to us through this link. We also welcome your comments on iResolve, and invite you to write to us through our iResolve Feedback form.

2) I cannot seem to install iResolve, with the following error message -
"The iResolveTM installation process has failed. You probably have set your Internet security settings to 'High', or customized your setting such that ActiveX is prevented from running. In order to install iResolveTM, please set your security setting to medium or lower, as the installation requires ActiveX to run."

In this case, you should:

a) Go to Tools -> Internet Options. Select the Security Menu within the Internet Options.

b) Set your security level to 'Medium' or lower by dragging the slider down. If your setting is set as custom, click on the 'Default Level' button first, in order to see the slider, which you can then drag it to 'Medium' or lower.

c) Go back to the iResolveTM download page and repeat Step (1) of the installation guide.

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