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iClient Usage Guide


Using Multilingual Domain Names   |   Using Multilingual E-mail Addresses

  1. After installation, run iClient by clicking on the icon on your desktop.

  2. Left-click the iClient icon on the taskbar to select the encoding of choice.

Using Multilingual Domain Names

  1. Start your Web browser (IE or Netscape)

  2. Click on the URL bar and type in your multilingual domain name.
    For example:

  3. Press 'Enter' key on your keyboard.

  4. If it is a valid address, you would be able to connect to the site. Happy surfing.

  5. iClient also supports multilingual URL hyperlinks.

For enquiries on iClient support for multilingual domain names, please contact support@i-DNS.net

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Using Multilingual E-mail Addresses

  1. Start your E-mail Application (Eudora, Netscape Messenger, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Foxmail)

  2. Click on the address field and type in the multilingual e-mail address of the intended recipient.

  3. Compose and send your e-mail normally.

Example on Foxmail:

Example on Microsoft Outlook Express:

Note that for some e-mail clients, you may observe some additional English characters and numbers appearing in the address body or title bar. For example:

  • Click here to view Sceen Shot 1
  • Click here to view Sceen Shot 2

These are a result of the addressing process and can be safely ignored; they will NOT affect the delivery or addressing of your e-mail.

For enquiries on iClient support for multilingual e-mail addresses, please contact support@i-email.net

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