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Registry idnToolkit
i-DNS.net Registry idnToolkit provides a comprehensive solution for ccTLD and gTLD registry operators who wish to offer native-character domain names. The Registry idnToolkit simplifies the complexity of IDN, allowing you to focus on enhancing your revenue streams, enabling your channel and addressing your customer's needs.

Registry idnToolkit Specifications:
  • Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) compliant
  • Both backward and forward compatible
  • Adheres to all proposed protocols within the IETF IDN Working Group
  • Supports all existing ACE Formats
  • Encompasses the entire IDNA architecture ensuring complete compatibility
     from registration to resolution

Key highlights of Registry idnToolkit:
  • Allows a registry to offer native-language domain names
  • Supports registration acceptance, administration and value-add services for 2nd
     level internationalized domain names
  • Supports current IETF standards
  • Includes Internationalized domain name BIND server and customizable WHOIS
     server code
  • Allows distribution of iClientTM and iResolve, free inter-nationalized domain name
     resolution clients, through your channel and to your customers
  • Helps reduce the time and continuing cost of deploying native language domain
     name registry support, with comprehensive documentation, updates, support and

  • Find out more about the tools that come with our Registry idnToolkit.
  • Enquire about Registry Partnerships

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