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Managed Registry Services
The world's largest Registries have automated Registry operations to handle projected registration growth. By transferring the back-office technical operations to the registry management experts at i-DNS.net, Registry Operators can better focus on core marketing, management and policy control issues within their country's namespace.

ASP Model That Minimizes Registry's Initial Investments
i-DNS.net adopts an Application Service Provider (ASP) model that provides all the necessary infrastructure and "know how" to design, build and administer the Registries' operations. This facilitates a rapid automated roll-out into the Registry, whilst minimizing hefty initial investments.

Registry Profile:
  • Leader in Multilingual Registry Technology
  • Currently manages more than 30 Registry Operations
  • Supports Registry services for both ASCII and multilingual TLDs
  • Supports a Shared Registry System (RFC 2832 compliant)
  • Global Infrastructure ensures Availability and Diversity

Registry Infrastructure:
  • DNS Servers (Nameservers): For resolution of Top Level Domains
  • Database Servers: For storage and registration of Top Level Domains
  • WHOIS Servers: For information and availability of Domain Names
  • RRP Servers: For communicating between Registry and Registrar
  • Web Servers: For statistics and reports on the Registry

Key highlights of our Registry Operator Outsourcing Solutions:

Robust, State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
  • Able to handle millions of transactions daily

  • Performance maximization and reliability through our globally distributed and reliable redundant infrastructure

Fast Deployment
  • Expedient deployment, since a solution can be housed within i-DNS.net's existing Operations and Management Infrastructure

  • Fastest possible time to market as i-DNS.net provides dedicated technical account managers to assist with each step of the adoption and migration process

Dedicated, Full Cycle Customer Support
  • Solutions are tailored according to Registry customers' unique requirements.

  • Provides Registry Operator with rapid access to key i-DNS.net's technical, operations & Registry personnel

  • 24*7 access for clients to place fault calls and enquiries; as well as 'Lights out 24*7' operations offered by our co-location facilities

Highly scalable
  • Scalable solution with appropriate hardware added by i-DNS.net as the business volumes grow, without the need for the Registry client to invest in future hardware

Cost-savings and Affordable
  • Competitive pricing with clear, definable costs for the value delivered.

  • Infrastructure provided through the ASP model allows the rapid roll-out of automation into the Registry while minimizing initial investments.

  • Optional consulting services on policy and technology issues available to Registry clients

  • Registry clients have the additional option of introducing Native-character names into their top-level domain space.

  • Additional option of adopting our Registrar-in-a-boxTM (RIB) application, allowing the Registry client to lower the technical barrier to entry for their new Registrars.

  • i-DNS.net's Registry Registrar Protocol (iRRP) is a robust and capability-rich protocol which conforms to all Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards.

Total and Complete
  • Capability to fully manage and automate the registration process, through to WHOIS and zone generation processes.

  • Besides Registry hardware and software, i-DNS.net also provides expert consultancy, designs, enhances, tailors, builds, and operates complete Registry solutions for Registry Operators.

  • Find out more about the specifications of our Registry Outsourcing

  • Enquire about Registry Partnerships

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