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Registrar-in-a-boxTM - RIBTM
Registrar-In-A-BoxTM (RIBTM) is designed as a generic registration platform of objects. Currently, the supported objects include domain names. Value-added features are also included to assist and help clients in the construction and management of their Registrar business.

ASP Model Lowers Entry Barrier for Your Business
i-DNS.net adopts an Application Service Provider (ASP) model that provides all the necessary infrastructure and "know how" to design, build and administer your operations. This facilitates a rapid move-to-market strategy, thereby lowering the entry barrier for new Registrar / Reseller partners.

Consultative Approach To Meet Your Business Needs
RIB provides you with the option of customizing your products with your own look and feel. This makes the system relevant to each registrar's brand equity in accordance to the diverse requirements they may have.

Key Highlights of RIBTM:
  • Fastest move-to-market registrar solution available
  • Comes fully equipped to handle domain registrations in any TLD and language
  • Powerful plug-and-play structure that is customizable to business and volume
  • Supports all protocols requisite for core and value-added functions
     (i.e. payment gateways)
  • Reruns on any flavor of UNIX and popular platforms like Windows NT/2000
  • ASP model that provides a centrally controlled platform for cost effective
  • Built-in functionalities for registrants to manage their own domain and account
  • Dedicated technical support to facilitate adoption and migration processes

  • Try out our live RIB with our partner Universal-Names.com
  • Find out more about the specifications of our RIBTM
  • Enquire about Registrar Partnerships
  • Enquire about Technology Partnerships

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