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End-User and Business

Why Register a Multilingual Domain Name
The Domain Name System (DNS) was developed for easy recall of Internet addresses. This was achieved by matching alphanumeric names to Internet Protocol (IP) numbers. In the pursuit of a universal solution, ASCII (Roman numerals and characters) was adopted as the global standard.

Until the implementation of i-DNS technology, no provision had been made to allow input for email or web addresses in a non-ASCII native language. This meant that any user of the Internet had to have some basic knowledge of ASCII characters and the English language, creating a major stumbling block in regions where English is not widely spoken.

Now, by registering a native-character domain, one has the advantage of being able to...
  • Maintain cultural identity.
  • Retain a brand's true meaning.
  • Trademark and Copyright protection.
  • Target a specific ethnic demographic.
  • Identify with your intended audience.
  • Market a URL that speaks your business.
  • Create a new business model based on a great new name.
  • Increase revenue stream through new business channels.

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