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End-User and Business

The Benefits of Complete, Native-Character Domain Names

Intuitive Solution
With complete native-language domain names, non-English speaking Internet viewers are able to access a Web site that is 100% localized. This not only increases the impact of the brand, but also presents a powerful penetration tool for marketing to non-English speakers, which constitute greater than 85% of the global population.
Ease of Use
Complete native-language domain names don't require viewers to switch from a local input method to ASCII. As complete native-language domain names are less cumbersome and more intuitive, it will eventually be embraced as the ultimate addressing solution.
Cultural Affinity
Being able to input, express, display, and market your domain entirely in your native language preserves the cultural and linguistic significance of each character and the very language itself. Complete native-character domain names assist individuals and businesses connect to their target demographic in their native language.
Brand Recognition
With the continued growth of the Internet, more and more domain names will become the electronic-brand-names of the future. New business models will be built around the domain name itself, particularly in non-English speaking markets. These Web-savvy visionaries will continue to build companies around easily recognizable domain names that carry significant meaning. With a complete native-language domain name in place, new opportunities in new marketplaces arise.
Trademark Protection
Complete native-language domain names enhance market mind-share of both unfamiliar and familiar brands, while trademarks and service marks will be further protected without any transliteration.

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