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MINC Board Member Y J Park appointed as Deputy CEO of MINC

Online, www.minc.org, 31 January 2001 -- The MINC Board has officially appointed Ms Y J Park, MINC Board Member and Treasurer of MINC, to be the Deputy CEO of MINC.

YJ Park, who was previously International Liaison Executive of i-DNS.net International Inc, is currently holding key positions in the ICANN DNSO Names Council and well as a number of key positions in Asia Pacific Internet organisations.

"As a fledgling organisation, it is crucial for MINC to be able to attract international talent to be on our key executive staff. YJ Park is well known in top Internet circles and her experience and influence in ICANN will certainly help us tremendously." said Dr Tan Tin Wee, Acting CEO of MINC.

"Of course we are sad to see YJ leave us. But as founding members of MINC, we are delighted to be able to contribute a valued staff to help MINC get off the ground," said Michael Ng, CEO of i-DNS.net International Inc. "We are fully committed to supporting the cause of MINC, and our loss is MINC's gain," he added.

"As a former staff member of i-DNS.net, which is a member of MINC, I can better understand the situation of MINC members, and I believe this will help me in my capacity as Deputy CEO to serve the needs of MINC members better." said YJ Park.

"Although it is not our policy to impoverish our member organisations by drawing key staff from them, we are indeed grateful for any contribution MINC members can make towards our organisation. We need all the talent we can recruit for the tremendous task at hand." said Dr Tan.

YJ who is a native of Seoul, will shuttle between Seoul and Singapore in her current duties - in Seoul where the Chairman of MINC, Professor SH Kyong of the KAIST Graduate School of Management (KGSM) is located, and in Singapore, where the Singapore-based Secretariat is hosted at the National University of Singapore under the charge of Associate Professor Tan Tin Wee. In between, she may be found anywhere in the world, wherever our roving Deputy CEO may find herself promoting multilingual Internet names.

About MINC
MINC is the Multilingual Internet Names Consortium, formed in June 2000 to promote the internationalisation of Internet names including multilingual Internet domain names. For more information about MINC, please refer to its website at http://www.minc.org/. To contact MINC, please send email to sec@minc.org

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.

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