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VeriSign Releases Latest Multilingual Client

Online, dc.internet.com, 23 January 2001 -- Mountain View-based VeriSign (Nasdaq: VRSN) and Palo Alto-based i-DNS.net International announced availability of the latest iClient for use in the VeriSign Multilingual Domain Names Testbed today. The iClient is a free plug-in that converts a non-English character domain name into the name's ASCII compatible encoding, or ACE, representation, the format used for registration and resolution of domain names in the testbed.

VeriSign initially opened the testbed in early November 2000, coordinated with the work of the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN), which is developing global standards for domain names containing characters beyond the current system of letters from the Roman alphabet and digits.

The latest iClient is a result of VeriSign and i-DNS' joint work on the resolution phase of multilingual domain development. Resolution is the process by which a domain name is translated into an IP address, something the must be made compatible with the more than 24 million Roman character domain names currently in the .com, .net and .org top-level domains.

The i-DNS.net iClient (or another resolution client) will be necessary for anyone who wishes to use the multilingual testbed names in their native characters.

"We are pleased to offer iClient as part of the resolution process for the Multilingual Domain Names Testbed," says Bruce Chovnick, general manager of VeriSign Global Registry Services. "It provides end-users with a critical component for creating true functionality and access to names in the testbed."

Chovnick predicts that by late-March or early-April 2001, Internet users should have the ability to use domain names registered in the testbed to access the Web sites associated with those names. The testbed currently supports domain names that contain characters used by the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

"Resolution of the multilingual domain names ushers in the next chapter of the effort to internationalize the Internet," says Michael Ng, CEO of i-DNS.net. "We're proud to continue partnering with VeriSign in this significant task."

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.

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