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Asian-language domain names now available

Online, IDG.net, 17 July 2000 -- Enic Corp., which manages the .cc country code TLD (top-level domain), plans to offer domain names in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages under an agreement with I-DNS International Inc., I-DNS said in a statement last week.

i-DNS, a spin-off company from the National University of Singapore, has developed technology which enables end users to type in URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) in different languages using the Unicode 16-bit character set.

The Unicode address is translated into a server name at the registry level and does not require additional end user software to implement, I-DNS said.

The ability for end users to view Web addresses in a familiar script will exponentially increase Internet adoption among the various communities, Brian Cartmell chairman and chief executive officer of Enic, said in the I-DNS statement.

Registrants under the .cc top level domain throughout Asia will now have a choice to register their domain names in their own language, or English, or both, Cartmell added.

I-DNS's system now supports 55 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, Thai and Tamil and their respective multiple encodings. Enic plans to deploy I-DNS's Arabic, Thai and Tamil systems by the end of this year, according to the statement.

The .cc domain works in a similar way to .com, but many more simple names are still available under .cc, the country code TLD of Cocos Islands, since it has only 300,000 registered names compared to the 6.5 million .com names registered

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