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Verification of Chinese domain name - Seize the opportunity
Testing includes checking whether the e-mails of Chinese addresses, Re-Delegation etc can be supported

Taiwan, Gong Shang Shi Bao, 18 May 2000 -- The use and registration of the Chinese domain name is a hot topic in Taiwan Internet industry recently. However, what constitutes a truly Chinese domain name? A few methods are available for businesses and individuals interested in the registration to conduct a test, so as to avoid registering a domain name that cannot be used, thereby affecting present and future e-commerce development.

The early development and needs of a domain name are to resolve the issue of "easy memory", allowing net users to remember a website in a language that they are familiar with. After all, to most people, it is easier to remember a group of meaningful words than a string of numbers. Furthermore, the application of domain name has been extended to e-mail, FTP, Telnet, Gopher, Ping and other TCP/IP applications. Hence, simply put, a true Chinese domain name should be a complete domain name structure that fulfils the above functions and is not simply to resolve the issue of whether the input of Chinese characters is in line with the URL bar found on the browser. If the technology is not in line with the services provided by the current Internet structure or English domain name, such Chinese domain name system cannot be considered a Chinese domain name system, at most, it can only be deemed as a new form of search tool. In Taiwan now, only TW-DNS Chinese domain name that uses i-DNS is complete and meets such a requirement.

To test whether it is a truly Chinese domain name system, the following basic methods can be administered:

1. Is the Chinese domain name system able to support e-mail application of Chinese e-mail addresses? E-mail is the most important application of the Internet world, and it is known as the "Killer Application". If the registered Chinese domain name system is unable to provide services similar to "" (wangdaming@company name.com.tw) ; it can be confirmed that such a system is not a truly Chinese system.

2. The Chinese domain name system should support the "Re-delegation" function of application support. For example, if you applied for a domain name such as "" (name.company.tw), the system should be able to develop upon it, functions such as "" (product.name.com.tw) or "" (service.name.com.tw).

3. The Chinese domain name system should support multilingual transparency, i.e. the owner of English and Chinese domain name system, even Japanese, Korean, Russian domain name system can, on his own, set to a common webpage or to different webpages.

4. The Chinese domain name system should support technical application functions such as FTP, Telnet, Gopher, Ping . . . Generally, net users do not pay much attention to these application functions but they are important guidelines in examining whether the system is complete. Technical personnel of most companies should not fail to conduct a thorough check.

5. Guaranteed and complete Chinese domain name system must constantly seek certification from international bodies, just like what other Internet specifications do. Although it is a long certification process, technology developers must be able to fulfil international specification, now and in future, in order to provide complete protection. Failing which, if the system only provides services to a certain extent, and the application is not available once out of the application zone, others will set up blockage by using the firewall because of them being excluded from sharing. This is not to the benefit of the user.

6. It must provide support to compatible content search service system. Content search service system is as convenient as the search engine. However, a single content search system is definitely not a domain name system. Only complete content system that is built upon Chinese domain name system will not be blocked by other systems on technical grounds.

7. A complete Chinese domain name system provides at least double solutions for the client's terminal and server terminal, so as to guarantee that at any time, the user is able to log on to the Internet.

8. A complete Chinese domain name system should be the domain name in such format "" (name of company.com.tw) and not combined, optional domain name or non-exclusive name such as "" (Chinese.bus.tw) or "" (name).

9. A comparison should be made between the complete Chinese domain name system and the service facilities supported by the global main network channel of the English domain name system. The Chinese domain name system should decentralise the network traffic instead of directing all searches made by users to a specified host, giving rise to network congestion.

The above set out the basic testing methods of Chinese domain name. Among the present Chinese domain names in Taiwan, many claimed to be "fast search", "conversion of address service", "test registration" systems etc. Strictly speaking, they are not truly Chinese domain name systems. The fastest verification for a company or individual intending to register a domain name is to ask whether the registered Chinese domain name is able to make use of the e-mail or whether such domain name can be activated immediately. This will be sufficient to distinguish whether such system is a Chinese domain name system.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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