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CMC Appointed Registrar for Chinese Domain Name Registration

Taiwan, Gong Shang Shi Bao, 15 January 2000 -- CMC yesterday announced its appointment as registrar for Chinese domain name registration in Taiwan, and will be setting up Chinese Registration Company (www.chineseregistration.com) to provide this service.

i-DNS.net International has decided to keep opened the appointment of its registrars, hoping to see fair competition in the market. The company will also adopt a fair dispute policy to police in any disputes with regards to domain names.

As Internet originated in America, domain names have been rendered in English, this has caused a hindrance to non-English users on the Internet. Set up last October, i-DNS.net has been engaged in research on non-English domain names for two years and have appointed local Internet provider TimeNet as its first registrar last November. Chinese Registration Company is the second registrar here.

Apart from Taiwan, Chinese Registration will be expanding its service to mainland China and other areas with Chinese population, and even striving to provide registration service for English domain names.

Zhang Shan Hong, manager for Chinese Registration Engineering Department said Chinese domain name will complement the usage of English domain names, as such, in the future, typing either or 'www.chineseregistration. com' will link users to the company's website.

Chinese Registration Chinese domain name search, Chinese domain name registration, Chinese domain name server, out of which, for Chinese domain name registration, the company is opened for registration of domain names with extensions '.com', '.per', '.org' and '.net'.

Zhang explained that Chinese domain names could be registered using 2 to 15 Chinese characters, in both English and Chinese, numbers, or even in just plain English. eg. .

Starting from 7 Jan, the company will be accepting applications for registration in Chinese domain names within Taiwan.

For company domain names, the domain name applied for must be relevant to the applicant's company, on the condition that the applicant will have to fax in the company's business registration documents.

For personal domain names, the company will open registration to the public from 15 Jan to 14 Feb, and to avoid disputes of duplications, applicants are to fax in their identity cards.

From 15 Feb onwards, the registration will be opened for registration on a first-come-first served basis.

Registration fee is between NT$1000 to NT$1200 per year.

Word has it that TimeNet has earlier reserved Chinese domain names for many local enterprises. To this, i-DNS.net chief engineer James Seng replied that TimeNet did indeed speak to i-DNS.net initially, regarding protective measures to safeguard Taiwan's enterprises, and i-DNS.net had agreed in principle, to reserve those domain names on a temporary basis.

He assured that if cybersquatting, instead of the intended motive of safeguarding, should arise, the company will take the necessary actions.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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