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CMC Switched Investment to set up Chinese Registration Company
To Become Second Registrar for i-DNS.net International

Online, DigiTimes, 15 January 2000 -- Following Internet companies like 'Taiwan.com', 'YoungParty.com' and 'CoolMark. com', CMC has announced 14 Jan it will be investing in a new company 'www.chineseregistration. com', and will become the second registrar for i-DNS.net International, providing registration service for Chinese domain names.

Taiwan.com's chief executive Sun Ji Wu, who is also in charge of setting up 'www.chineseregistration.com', said i-DNS.net has adopted a non-exclusive policy towards its appointment of registrars, so as to prevent Internet companies in different countries from monopolizing the registration service of Chinese domain names.

To safeguard domain names of trademarked companies, the first phase of limited period registration will be extended till 31 Jan. Personal domain names (.per) will start registration from 15 Jan, and applications for all domain names will be opened from 15 Feb onwards.

To further rid registered users of queries on the homologousity between English and Chinese domain names, the company will, by the first quarter of 2000, seek approval from representative organization for English domain names, so that both English and Chinese domain names will be compatible in Chinese-populated areas.

i-DNS.net's chief engineer James Seng said the Internationalized Domain Name System took two years of research, with the test beds completed in September 1999.

Registration for internationalized domain names started in Nov 1999, the system now supports up to 50 languages.

To look further into the mutual support between English, Chinese and other International domain names, James Seng will be participating in the ICANN Annual Conference in Cairo on 7 March, he hopes to be able to come to terms with the various countries' NICs.

James Seng also said that apart from Taiwan's Chinese Registration and TimeNet, Singapore and Hong Kong have also had two registrars each, with registration details in mainland China pending confirmation.

The company is also actively negotiating with various ISPs. As long as ISPs install the free iBIND softwares developed by i-DNS.net onto their servers, users will be able to access websites with registered Chinese domain names via Internet browsers.

Currently, general users can also download the free software on i-DNS.net's website to start surfing using Chinese domain names.

Zhang Shan Hong, manager for Taiwan.com's Engineering Department said the system uses Unicode, therefore while registering a Chinese domain name in its traditional form, the simplified version of the Chinese domain name will also be registered.

With regards to domain names that have been taken up by other companies, Zhang claimed that if the rightful company is able to produce enough proof, Chinese Registration will assist in retrieving the domain name.

Registration fees for both personal and company domain names are at NT$500, yearly charges for personal domain names are at NT$1000, that for company domain names are at NT$1200.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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