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CMC Steps into Chinese Domain Name Registration

Taiwan, Gong Shang Shi Bao, 10 January 2000 -- China.com has stepped up in its venture into the Taiwan market. Its main partner, CMC has decided to strike out on its own, and will be setting up a new independent company soon, to provide registration services for Chinese domain names.

In the past, domain names are all rendered in English, but i-DNS.net International has developed Chinese domain names and has launched its registration, appointing local ISPs as official registrars.

Prior to CMC, local ISP TimeNet was officially appointed registrar.

Once a company name has been registered, Internet users will be able to access the company's websites by typing in the Chinese characters of the company's name.

For example, typing in on the browser will bring the user to the company's website.

CMC has just announced its has been appointed registrar for i-DNS. The difference between CMC and TimeNet being, TimeNet is only opening registration for company (.com) domain names, while CMC could provide for both company domain names as well as personal domain names (.per).

CMC is enthusiastic about this and will be setting up a new company to run this operation. Taiwan.com's Chief Executive Sun Ji Wu indicated that for the Chinese population in China, English domain names are still difficult to remember, Chinese domain names would really come in handy.

He also said that domain names has its uniqueness and are being registered on a first-come-first-served basis. Therefore, when a group of people apply for a particular personal domain name, business opportunities could arise, to the extent that domain names could even be auctioned and ownership would go to the highest bidder.

Domain names for celebrities and famous icons, such as , or would be hot properties on the market.

"In the future, Internet users would be able to search for individuals using personal domain names, more applications may be derived from this, the market potential is unimaginable." Sun added.

According to sources, the new company will be set up under the name of CCM, instead of Taiwan.com, with the purpose of avoiding any possible future conflicts between China.com and CCM on the ownership rights to the shares of Taiwan.com.

TimeNet deputy director Cai Qi Yan pointed out that other companies have already been appointed registrars for the registration of Chinese domain names in mainland China and Hong Kong. Applications will start 15 Jan.

He urged that in order to safeguard companies' benefits, local companies should register their Chinese domain names soon, to avoid ending up like the case of English domain names, such as 'china.com' and 'taiwan.com' which have been registered by China.com.

According to TimeNet's statistics, there are currently about 3000 companies, mostly the major companies, which have registered their Chinese domain names, but there are still 70% or more local companies which have not registered their Chinese domain names.

CMC will be opening applications to register personal domain names starting from 15 Jan. Details to registration fees have not been finalized yet, but will be expected to be lesser than registration for company domain names.

At present, registration fees for company domain names are at NT$500, yearly charges are at NT$1200, renewable on a two-yearly basis.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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