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Toughies Through Turbulent Times - Companies That Have Survived The Internet Bubble

Singapore, iLifemagazine, April 2001 -- The Internet industry is shrouded in desolation and many struggling dotcom companies can be seen fighting for their last breaths.

Despite the carnage, some Internet companies have, through their persistence in offering quality products and services, demonstrated a resilience that has proven Internet condemners wrong. These corporate toughies prove that the Internet is still a potent goldmine, and the so-called bursting of the Internet bubble could not even scathe them.

Come Internet boom or bust, the one thing certain when the dust settles in the industry is that the survivors of the Bubble burst would now be bracing themselves to shine.

  • i-DNS.net International is one of the few successful companies highlighted.

i-DNS.net International

Established in 1999, i-DNS.net International is the world's leading provider of multi-lingual Internet technology solutions. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the company has offices in China, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

Elements that ensure i-DNS.net's success:
The Internet world is an English-centric one, besieged with English-language domain names. However, as Internet usage grows, more and more non-English speaking users are now logging on. This implies that web developers must now seek multi-lingual domain name solutions in order to provide customized cultural-specific services to enable and entice these users to access their websites. Such solutions are also necessary for web developers to open up new markets.

It is evident that companies that hold the key to such solutions would seem set to succeed.

i-DNS.net International is the world's first company to provide multi-lingual Internet domain name solutions. To date, the company has already partnered itself with key global registries and registrars alike like VeriSign Global Registry Services and Register.com etc. Beyond that, i-DNS.net has successfully deployed its domain name registration services in more than 30 languages.

The company has also garnered strong governmental support in countries like India, Israel and Egypt etc. to provide domain name registration services in their respective local scripts. Although the Chinese domain name registration market is in a state of confusion, i-DNS.net still wields a significant mindshare in all its markets across the globe.

Despite the recent rise in competition across the multi-lingual domain name industry and the controversy over Chinese domain names, i-DNS.net still manages to outperform its targeted goals. This is largely attributed to their aggressive yet pragmatic business strategies.

When asked for the reasons for i-DNS.net's success, Michael Ng, CEO of i-DNS.net said, "We were the first company to develop operational and workable solutions that address the global need for multilingual Internet access methods. Besides being the first to seize this opportunity, we also embraced pragmatic business models, took on a global perspective in our deployment plans, adopted partnership strategies with global players and constantly re-invent ourselves through skills honed from competition within the international arena."

ilifemagazine.com has also noted the achievements of the following companies besides i-DNS.net International. However, due to space constraints we shall not be reproducing the full write-ups of these companies. For the full report please access the print or online version of the magazine.

  • Asiatravelmart.com (www.asiatravelmart.com)
  • dollarDex.com (www.dollardex.com)
  • ECnet Ltd (www.ecnet.com)
  • Hardwarezone.com (www.hardwarezone.com)
  • IQmind (www.iqmind.com)
  • Plasticscommerce.com (www.plasticscommerce.com)
  • WAPworkz (www.wapworkz.com)
  • Vivamusic.com (www.vivamusic.com)
  • XS-Media (www.xs-media.com)


Although the abovementioned Dotcoms are widely diverse in the kind of services they offer and differ in corporate size and nature, they share rather discernible similarities. These companies insist on offering services relevant to market demands and adopting business models that are sound and stable. They are also actively involved in partnerships that not only consolidate their market position, but also augur greater business potential.

We believe there are other Internet companies that are just as outstanding and full of potential as these mentioned here, however it is impossible to handle a full coverage of such an extent. From the success of these companies noted here, we observe which key strategy works and understand the best business models and management concepts that are worth adopting. This is crucial in tiding us over this difficult period in the Internet industry.

ilifemagazine.com hopes the success stories of these featured companies can change the bad impression people now have against Dotcom setups, and hopefully reverse the mindset that the industry is as transient as a soap bubble.

Although all businesses within the industry are generically know as Dotcoms, some of these have proven that hard work can and do build Rome.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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