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China's Ministry of Information Industry revamps Internet domain names system

Online, Interfax (interfax.cn), 1 March 2006 --

Shanghai. February 27. INTERFAX-CHINA - China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII) announced Monday it will reform the country's Internet domain name system, which will be enforced from March 1, 2006. The revamp was launched in accordance with China's administrative measures on Internet domain name system.

dot china, dot com and dot net in Chinese language part of new domain name system revamp

The new domain names system consists of a total of 4 Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) including the English language domain .CN and 3 Chinese-character top-level domains "??" (.China), "??" (.com)- in China .com is used to refer to companies, as previously only companies could register .cn domains –the .co.cn sub domain system is not in use in China, and "??"(.net).

The English language.CN also includes a wide selection of third-level English .CN domain names grouped under 7 "generic" domains such as ".ac", ".mil", ".edu", ".gov", ".net", ".org", ".com", and 34 "regional" domains for different provinces, autonomous, municipalities, as well as special administrative regions of China.

China's domain names at all levels can be composed of English alphabet characters in capitals or lowercase, numbers, with hyphens, or Chinese characters. English domain names should be connected with a dot while the Chinese domain names should be connected using a full stop in Chinese language character sets.


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