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ejapanDNS Launches Breakthrough Advertising Campaign For Domain Name Products In Japan
Campaign Kicks Off in Biggest Circulation Daily Newspaper

Japan, ejapanDNS, 19 June 2001 -- ejapanDNS Corporation, the domain name services subsidiary of Tokyo-based e-Lux Corporation (6811), today announced the first mainstream advertising campaign in Japan for individual domain name products, in support of its new domain names ending in and , the Japanese equivalents of .com and .net.

ejapanDNS is launching its campaign on June 20 with full-page advertising in Japan’s biggest circulation newspaper, The Daily Yomiuri, which has a national daily circulation of over 10 million copies, and in business publications including Nikkei Business. The campaign will be extended in the coming months.

The initial advertising is built around the theme “I have pride in my company name”, and features one of Japan’s oldest and most prestigious sake breweries, Hiraizumi Honpo, which has registered the domain name .

  • The Daily Yomiuri : Full Page
  • Nikkei Business : Double-Page Spread

    “Our portfolio of Japanese domain names now makes navigation of the Internet intuitive for Japanese users. The marketing campaign shows Japanese corporations and SMEs how Japanese suffixes enable them to protect and extend their branding online,” said Takehito Shimomura, Chief Operating Officer of ejapanDNS.

    ejapanDNS provides registration of Japanese domain names with the new Japanese suffixes using technology provided by i-DNS.net International, the world's leading provider of multilingual Internet technology solutions.

    Previously, Japanese domain names could only be registered using English alphanumeric domains such as .com and .net. Thanks to i-DNS.net’s technology, companies and individuals will now be able to register both the prefix and the suffix in Japanese using hiragana, katakana and kanji.

    The same i-DNS technology utilised by ejapanDNS is being employed by users worldwide to access websites using multilingual domain names registered with VeriSign Global Registry Services and i-DNS.net International. Since November 2000, Verisign’s subsidiary, Network Solutions, has registered over one million names in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and i-DNS’s technology is now being deployed globally to provide domain names in over 30 languages.

    To access all these domain names, users install a free Windows plug-in called iClient that enables the resolution of multilingual domain names and e-mail addresses. iClient is available from i-DNS.net’s website (http://tech.i-DNS.net/support/iClient/iClient.html), from VeriSign’s website (http://www.verisign-grs.com/idn/client/), from ejapanDNS (http://www.ejapandns.co.jp) and many other sites. In the coming months, i-DNS’s multilingual technology will also be incorporated into new versions of several Internet browsers.

    Responding to a growing demand for appropriate and natural language domain names in the Japanese market, ejapanDNS will expand the range of Japanese suffixes in the near future.

    About ejapanDNS Corporation
    Headquartered in Tokyo, ejapanDNS Corporation (http://www.ejapandns.co.jp), is a leading provider of domain names with a specific relevance to the Japanese market. Its unique portfolio includes the first suffixes in Japanese, and . The company is also the exclusive source in Japan for web addresses ending in .AI and .EC.

    About e-Lux Corporation
    e-Lux Corporation (http://www.e-luxnet.com) provides worldwide multi-platform billing services for digital transactions, and domain name registration services for corporations and individuals. Listed on Tokyo’s OTC market (6811) since 1976, the company’s legacy audio business continues to manufacture audiophile products under the prestigious Luxman brand-name. In addition to its domestic operations in Japan, e-Lux Corporation has subsidiaries and strategic partnerships in South-East Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

    -- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.

    죄송합니다. 이 페이지는 아직 한글화되지 않았습니다.

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