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Internet Domain Names in Tamil

India, Computer Ulakam, March 2000 -- Most of the people, say around 60%, are not English literate and they suffer in using Internet because the Internet domain names are only in English. They face extreme difficulty in making the domain names in English. In order to help these people to come out of this agonizing ordeal i-DNS.net International, a company based in the United States has come out with its technology in devising Internet Domain Names in all languages except English.

After meeting with very great success in introducing and implementing this technology in Chinese, Korean, French, Malay this company has come to India selecting Tamil to be the first Indian language to have its domain names in Tamil itself. Because of this native language use in Internet names the Internet experience becomes much more meaningful.

For example, the website www.yahoo.com can be accessed only if you type in the name in English. But the new technology has a way to configure this name in all other languages.

This new technology introduced now in Tamil and other languages will make e-commerce easily accessible for all.

Dr.Tan says that this technology has broken the myth that only English literate people alone can access Internet. He further adds that an end has come to the agonizing experience of memorizing long names of domain names in English and always using them wrongly.

Makkal Solutions 2000 has been appointed as the Primary Registrar of i-DNS.net International at Chennai to accept and process applications seeking Tamil Domain Names. Along with them there are two more Registrars for i-DNS. They are also based at Chennai. They are Softview Computers and Tamil.com. Registration for Tamil Domain Names can also be done at www.makkalsolutions2000.com. When the data an applicant submits are accepted by i-DNS the applicant will be asked to pay the money for registration with one of the companies mentioned above.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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