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A New facility offered by a Singapore company

India, Maalai Chudar, 8 February 2000 -- The i-DNS.net International company based at Singapore has introduced the facility of devising the Internet Domain Names in Tamil. The Press Release released by this company has the following to state in this connection.:

At present it is possible to devise Domain names only in English. In languages like Tamil till now it is impossible to create Domain Names. In this context the Singapore based i-DNS.net. has introduced the facility of creating domain names in Tamil.

With this introduction people can have domain names in Tamil. This technique offers a solution to the barrier English domain names presents to non-native English users. Besides this technique lies the hard and sincere research work of a team of academicians and researchers. The desire to take Internet to the people and to create new dimensions in the Information Technology is the basic factor behind this technology.

The prime objective of i-DNS.net International is to bring Internet to the people who have been alienated from it because of lack of knowledge in English and to bridge the gap between them and Internet through their native languages.

For example, now one can use www.yahoo.com only in English. But the newly devised technology enables the same site to be registered also in Far Eastern and European languages. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Tamil and Arabic are but some of the 55 non-English languages currently supported.

Now the website www.yahoo.com can be accessed by typing the name in Tamil like through ISPs functioning in Tamilnadu like Satyam Online, VSNL and Dishnet etc. Tamil magazines which have their web pages like can be accessed through their domain names in Tamil. Thus this technology empowers people with a choice in the language to use on the Internet.

Some 68% of the world's population are non-English speaking people. The Internet usage that has been denied these people will be made accessible via i-DNS.net and its key enabling multilingual technology.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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