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Revolutionary Innovation: From Now It Is Possible To Register Internet Addresses Names In Hebrew

Online, Sivan.com, 25 December 2000 -- The "Domain The Net" Company will launch tomorrow a new service of writing domains in Hebrew; the launch of the first domain "Israel.com" (in Hebrew characters) will be officiated by the Minister of Communications.

The Israeli Company Domain The Net will announce tomorrow (Tuesday (in Hebrew day count)) the opening to the public of Internet domain names (also called Internet addresses) registration in Hebrew language. The launch will be officiated by The Minister of Communications Mr. Benjamin (Fuad) Ben-Eliezer who will inaugurate the first Hebrew domain name - "Israel.com" (in Hebrew characters).

The revolutionary innovation enables to register an Internet domain name using Hebrew characters, and not only English characters as practiced until now. The technology developed by i-DNS for this purpose supports more than 59 different languages, doesn't modify the Internet operation modes and doesn't affect the stability of the net.

The entire domain name will be registered in Hebrew (for example: "Internet.com" or "Walla.com" - in Hebrew characters), with the Hebrew termination ".com", ".net", and ".org" (in Hebrew characters). The domain name in Hebrew will work like any English one, by clicking the domain name in the browser will perform the transition to the correspondent website.

The i-DNS Company with centers in the US and in Singapore was the developer of the technology that enables the registration domain names in different languages and manages the roster of such names. The i-DNS technology supports more than 59 different languages.

The Company signed in November an exclusive partnership agreement with Domain The Net for the management and registration of domain names in Hebrew. The agreement was signed in Los Angeles during the ICANN (World Internet Organization) convention that blessed the beginning of registering domain names in different languages.

i-DNS.net with headquarters in the US and in Singapore, that developed the technology to register domain names in different languages around the world and manages a system for registering such domain names, signed an exclusive partnership agreement to manage the register of domain names in Hebrew with the Israeli, Domain The Net .

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
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