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i-DNS.net International & Dotster Announce Strategic Partnership

General, i-DNS.net International, 18 April 2001 -- i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net), the world's leading Multilingual Internet Solutions Provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Dotster, a leading domain name registrar.

Under terms of the partnership, Dotster will use i-DNS.net’s multilingual technology to enable the registration of multilingual domain names in VeriSign’s (NASDAQ: VRSN) Multilingual Testbed. Dotster will also distribute iClient, the free Windows Plug-in that enables the resolution of multilingual domain names worldwide.

“Dotster is pleased to partner with i-DNS.net to extend our multilingual domain name offerings and moving closer to promote a true internationalization of domain name registration” said Clint Page, President and CEO, Dotster. “By offering resolution via iClientä, Dotster’s multilingual domain registration services now offers a one-stop-shop capability from registration to resolution, all under the Dotster brand our customers know and trust.”

i-DNS.net’s iClient was introduced as a core component for using multilingual domain names registered in the VeriSign Multilingual Testbed. It is the most comprehensive multilingual domain name resolution software available, supporting all domain names registered in the VeriSign Multilingual Testbed.

“Dotster’s global presence and history of innovation make them a perfect partner for i-DNS.net.” said Michael Ng, CEO, i-DNS.net. “We’re excited to welcome Dotster to the i-DNS family and look forward to a successful and innovative partnership.”

About Dotster

Launched on January 15, 2000, Dotster has quickly established itself as a major player among domain name registrars and was one of the first registrars to offer long-term registrations and discounted pricing. Dotster offers its clients superior customer service capabilities and many value-added Web site tools. Dotster's NameSpin feature allows users to search for and register still-available synonyms and word combinations. Dotster's exclusive Bulk Registration feature allows you to check and register up to 300 domain names in a single session. Dotster Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CAS Holdings Inc., headquartered in Kelso, Wash.

More information about Dotster's services can be found at www.dotster.com

About iClient

Developed by i-DNS.net, iClient is a free Windows Plug-in that enables access to Web sites using their newly registered multilingual domain names. It does so by converting a non-English character domain name into the format used for registration and resolution of domain names in VeriSign’s Multilingual Testbed. iClient is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000, and commonly used browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

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