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i-DNS.net AkamaizesSM iClientTM
Multilingual Resolution Client A Hit

General, i-DNS.net International, 17 April 2001 -- i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net), the world's leading Multilingual Internet Solutions Provider, today announced its selection of Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading Content Delivery Service Provider (CDSP), to enhance the performance and reliability of downloads of i-DNS.net’s iClientTM, the free Windows Plug-in that enables the resolution of multilingual domain names worldwide. i-DNS.net will use Akamai’s Digital Parcel Service, which leverages Akamai’s globally distributed network and core technology to optimize the distribution of digital assets.

Akamai’s Digital Parcel Service enables the efficient delivery of large digitized objects by strategically placing and delivering digital goods from Akamai’s globally distributed network. Through i-DNS.net’s use of the service, end users worldwide will experience more reliable downloads of iClientTM for multilingual domain name resolution, regardless of location and Web congestion caused by Internet bottlenecks.

In January 2001, i-DNS.net’s iClientTM was introduced as a core component for using multilingual domain names registered in VeriSign’s (Nasdaq: VRSN) Multilingual Testbed. As a result, i-DNS.net’s iClientTM download pages and their mirrored equivalents at We-Multilingual.com and VeriSign-GRS.com have enjoyed brisk download figures facilitating the need to optimize download times, especially in developing markets where bandwidth is not readily available.

"Akamai is pleased to assist i-DNS.net’s efforts to enhance the online experience for end users across the globe, by maximizing the download delivery of its enabling technology," said Mike Campbell, Vice President of Sales, Akamai.

i-DNS.net’s iClientTM is the most comprehensive multilingual domain name resolution software available, supporting all domain names registered in the VeriSign Multilingual testbed. In addition to resolving VeriSign’s multilingual domain names, iClientTM also resolves full multilingual domain names registered with i-DNS.net’s registrars.

"With support for new languages constantly being announced, we have made good preparation to ensure users are consistently able to download and enjoy the benefits of our enabling technology," said Michael Ng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of i-DNS.net.

In addition to the Akamaization of iClientTM, i-DNS.net also announced that Tokyo-based interQ Inc., Asia’s first ICANN accredited registrar recently launched their co-branded ‘Onamae iClient’, designed and customized especially for their customers in the Japanese market.

"By offering resolution via a co-branded ‘Onamae iClient’, interQ’s multilingual domain registration services at onamae.com now offers a one-stop-shop capability from registration to resolution, all under the interQ brand our customers know and trust," said Richard Lindsay, interQ’s Executive Director and System Headquarters Director.

About Akamai

Akamai is the leading Content Delivery Service Provider, serving over 3,600 customers worldwide. Akamai has the broadest deployment of servers for content, streaming media, and applications delivery with more than 8,000 servers in 55 countries directly connected within 473 different telecommunications networks.

For more information, please visit http://www.akamai.com.

About interQ Corporation

Since beginning service as an Internet service provider in 1995, interQ (http://www.interq.ad.jp) has developed three main services with their non-member program "interQ ORIGINAL", member program "interQ MEMBERS", and corporate program "interQ OFFICE". In 1999, interQ became the first independent ISP to have publicly traded over-the-counter stock. While becoming the first official registrar in Asia to register domain names with the "onamae.com" service, interQ also concentrated on the potential of email advertising by establishing three advertisement distribution companies: Magclick for mail magazines, Clickmail for mail between individuals, and FreeML.com for mailing lists. interQ is developing into a business specializing in providing service for the Internet with the aim of becoming an Internet media group.

For more information on onamae.com, its Registrar arm, please visit www.onamae.com

Download Onamae iClient at http://www.onamae.com/multi/i-dns/i-client.html

About iClientTM

Developed by i-DNS.net, iClientTM is a free Windows Plug-in that enables access to Web sites using their newly registered multilingual domain names. It does so by converting a non-English character domain name into the format used for registration and resolution of domain names in VeriSign’s Multilingual Testbed. iClientTM is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000, and commonly used browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Download your free iClientTM Multilingual Resolution Client here:

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