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i-DNS.net's Registrar Services Division Launches Registrar-In-a-Box
RIB Solution Set to Revolutionize the Registrar Community

General, i-DNS.net International, 9 March 2001 -- i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net), the world's leading Multilingual Internet Solutions provider, today announced that its Registrar Services Division, set up to help registrars kick-start and technically manage their registrar businesses, has launched the long-awaited Registrar-in-a-Box (RIB™) solution.

Designed with the growing Registrar Community in mind, RIB is a standalone registrar toolkit that handles both ASCII and non-ASCII (multilingual) domain name registrations. It is fully customisable, supports multi-functionality across platforms and protocols, and represents the fastest and most comprehensive move-to-market solution available for registrars.

"With more than a hundred domain name registrars today, intensive competition has fuelled demands for professional yet cost-effective technical outsourcing solutions. We believe that RIB can, and will amply give registrar businesses the edge they crave," said Michael Ng, Chief Executive Officer of i-DNS.net.

"RIB drastically reduces the time and effort needed to set up and run the mission-critical back-end operations of a domain name registration business. Registrars can now marshall valuable resources into core functions like marketing and business administration, secure in the knowledge that their technical operations is in good hands," said Edwin Tan, Director of Registrar Services, i-DNS.net.

Japan-based KY Corporation and Sterling Holdings Limited ended their search for such a service by successfully participating in Registrar Service's RIB pilot program earlier this year. Both companies have since been equipped to provide Japanese domain name registration services at www.nihongo-domain.com, and [.la] domain name registration services at www.your.la respectively.

For a demonstration of RIB's functionalities, please visit:

For more information on RIB, please visit:

About KY Corporation

Since its establishment in August 1997, K.Y. Corporation has provided "multimedia" communications services, including mobile communications business centering in the Kanto and Chubu regions, and the Internet business, to promote the wider acceptance of a variety of multimedia products and services from personal to business use.

For further information about K.Y. Corporation, please visit http://www.ky-c.co.jp

About Sterling Holdings Limited

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, Sterling Holdings manages the exclusive worldwide registry for second-level domain names in the dot-EC, dot-AI and dot-LA top-level domains.

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