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Bridging The Digital Divide

General, i-DNS.net International, 23 January 2001 -- i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net), the leading Multilingual Internet Solutions provider, today reaffirmed its commitment to bringing the Internet to the peoples of the world.

Having trailblazed the industry as the Technology Pioneer of the Internationalized Domain Name System (i-DNS), the First Registry for Multilingual Domain Names and then the Technical Enabler and Resolver Partner of choice to VeriSign’s Multilingual Testbed, i-DNS.net is well-equipped with the technical know-how and deployment experience to provide integrated solutions encompassing the entire chain of development, operations management, infrastructure maintenance and enhancements.

These standards-based innovations cut across the length and breadth of the domain name industry, and include, amongst other new multilingual domain name offerings, complete end-to-end solutions like the free iClient Multilingual Domain Name Resolver Plug-In, 'Registrar-in-a-Box' (RIB) Registrar toolkit and professional Registry Outsourcing services.

Multilingual Domain Name Technology

According to a report by Global Reach, non-English Internet users currently stand at 211 million and account for 52% of the global Internet population. The same report anticipates that non-native English users will explode to 560 million by the year 2003.

Despite these projections, domain names have thus far been only usable in English characters. This imposed a linguistic handicap and unduly inconvenienced millions of non-native English users worldwide who have had to struggle with alien characters to accessing websites.

i-DNS.net bridges the Digital Divide today with the Internationalized Domain Name System, (i-DNS) - groundbreaking technology that enables multilingual domain names to be used on the Internet. Currently supporting more than 59 languages, i-DNS internationalizes and updates the existing Domain Name System (DNS) while retaining full backward-compatibility with all existing Internet standards and protocols.

i-DNS is widely licensed and powers a full suite of multilingual domain name offerings designed to make Internet surfing an intuitive process. These include "Multilingual.com Technology", "Multilingual ccTLD Technology" and "Multilingual Domain Name Technology".

Since its inception, i-DNS.net has worked with strategic partners like VeriSign Global Registry Services, Nominum Inc, Register.com, Melbourne IT, dotTV Corporation, eNIC Corporation, InterQ Corporation, OnlineNIC and New Cyber International. Together with local in-country partners, i-DNS.net has launched its registration services across the face of the globe in more than 30 languages.

Come end January 2001, VeriSign and i-DNS.net will announce the availability of iClient v3.0 - a client plug-in critical to the resolution phase of the Multilingual Domain Nmes Testbed. This free Windows program is an open-ended solution that possesses the robustness and flexibility to resolve all types of multilingual domain name offerings, including those registered within VeriSign’s testbed.

Multilingual Registry & Registry Outsourcing Services

i-DNS.net is the world's First Registry for Multilingual Domain Names, having earned industrial recognition as being the longest run, with the most number of languages live across the greatest number of territories. It currently manages more than 29 multilingual variants of generic top-level domains. Its 'know-how' in registry management, alongside its diverse global registry infrastructure places it in good stead to offer professional one-stop Registry Operator outsourcing solutions.

Sterling Pacific Group, administrators of domain names ending with the country-codes .la for Laos, .ai for Anguilia and .ec for Ecuador, have outsourced their back-end registry operations to i-DNS.net for their .la domain names. This allows the administrators to better focus on core marketing and policy control within its own namespace.

Registrar Services

The "Registrar-in-a-Box", or RIB, is a complete registrar toolkit that handles ASCII and non-ASCII (multilingual) domain name registrations. Designed to support multi-functionality across platforms and protocols, it is fully customizable and represents the fastest and most comprehensive move-to-market solution available.

Whilst looking for a quick and cost-effective implementation for a registrar system, KY Corporation and Sterling Pacific Group have both adopted i-DNS.net's RIB toolkit to begin accepting Japanese domain names and .la domain names respectively.

The Road Ahead

During the next phase of its global deployment, i-DNS.net looks to expanding into new markets like Russia, Latin American and the European Countries.

Leveraging on its 3-year lead in R&D, i-DNS.net will continue refining, innovating and widening its breadth of services and technology to support other value-added services and product enhancements.

i-DNS.net will also carry on consensus-building with the various Internet authorities to achieve an open standard for Internationalised Domain Names, thus ensuring interoperability and seamless integration between various multilingual technical approaches and solutions.

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