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i-DNS.net International Partners eNIC Corporation

General, i-DNS.net International, 11 July 2000 -- Less than a week after announcing a strategic partnership with Melbourne IT, the world's second largest registry of domain names, i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net) today announced an alliance with eNIC Corporation, the worldwide Registry for the Top Level Domain Dot-CC. The announcements demonstrate the support and endorsement of the Internationalized Domain Name System (i-DNS), and serves to reinforce i-DNS.net's position as the premier multi-lingual Internet technologies provider.

The agreement grants eNIC the license to offer multi-lingual domain names using the i-DNS pioneered by i-DNS.net. Initially eNIC will offer Dot CC domain names in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. By year-end, eNIC plans to add Arabic, Thai and Tamil to coincide with its international marketing efforts.

"It is another significant first for eNIC," says Brian Cartmell Chairman and CEO of eNIC. "This character set offering is made at the registry level and does not require additional end user software to implement. Now, all users of the Web will be able to benefit from the flexibility and choice of languages available. Together with i-DNS.net, we will exponentially increase Internet adoption among the various communities and create an Internet that is truly global in nature."

Previously, domain names could only be rendered in Roman or English characters. With multi-lingual domain names, each new registrant will be able to register and use a domain that better targets their web audience while preserving their linguistic roots and unique Net identity.

i-DNS is built upon Unicode and currently supports more than 55 languages (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, Thai and Tamil) and their respective multiple encodings. It is fully compatible with commonly used Internet browsers and inter-operable with the current Domain Name System (DNS).

i-DNS.net International Chief Executive Officer Michael Ng said, "We have witnessed the excitement and success that multi-lingual domain names bring to our launched markets. With continual support and endorsement from established and reputable global players such as eNIC, i-DNS.net stands extremely well-positioned to offer this key enabling technology to everyone, everywhere."


About eNIC Corporation

eNIC Corporation, http://www.enic.cc, a privately held Internet company based in Seattle, Washington, is the worldwide registry of the .cc TLD and is the registrar for second level domain names within the .cc TLD. Brian Cartmell, Chairman and CEO of eNIC, founded the company in October 1997. eNIC is currently the third largest registry and registrar of country code TLDs in the world with more than 300,000 registered domains in the .cc TLD alone. Registrants of .cc domains include major corporations throughout the world including such notable companies as Intel Corporation, Amazon.com, Clear Channel Communications, Goodyear Tire and Rubber and Coca-Cola Company. As the .cc registry, eNIC acts as the authoritative repository of all functional information relating to all .cc domain names. The company markets .cc domains worldwide in conjunction with its more than 7,000 affiliates and marketing partners.

For more information, please visit http://www.enic.c

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