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World's First - Taiwan ISP Launches Registration Of Multilingual Domain Names

General, i-DNS.net International, 3 December 1999 -- A major Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Taiwan, TimeNet, has today launched the world's first registration of Chinese domain names in both the simplified and traditional character forms.

Powered with technology developed by i-DNS.net International, the system co-exists with the current Domain Name System and supports 36 major non-English languages. The breakthrough technology enables non-English speaking natives to access, interact and do business on the Web in the language of their choice.

This innovation seems to have struck a chord with the Taiwanese population. At the last count, Chinese domain names were being registered at a rate of one domain name per second. TimeNet forecasts that by the end of the week, the total figure should stand at some 90,000 domain names.

Mr John Wong, Director of i-DNS.net, sees immense value in this empowering technology as it unleashes the hidden e-commerce potential of the non-English-speaking Internet markets.

"Take a walk down Chinatown. Look at the signboards on both sides of the street. Now just imagine if every one of them were a domain name hanging over a virtual storefront on the Web! With i-DNS, that can now be reality," he said.

He quoted some examples:

Until today, domain names such as yahoo.com could only be registered in English alphabets. Internationalized Domain Names System (i-DNS) overcomes this restriction and allows the registration of Internet domain names in any language - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, French German, Tamil, Arabic, etc. At the same time, it is fully compatible with commonly used Internet browsers and inter-operable with the existing domain name system.

i-DNS.net has already implemented a robust, redundant and fault-tolerant solution for providing multi-lingual domain names on a truly global basis. Leveraging upon an extensive network of valued Registrars and Resolvers, i-DNS.net and it's partners look set to bringing Truly Internationalized Internet Experience to the world's non-English speaking population.

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