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Multilingual Internet Solution Providers Forge Alliance
i-DNS.net International teams up with i-EMAIL.net
To bring the Internet beyond an English-centric Cyberspace

General, i-DNS.net International, 26 September 2000 -- Users can now own email addresses in any language of their choice – thanks to an innovative solution from i-EMAIL.net, the world’s first messaging solutions provider to offer multilingual email addressing capabilities. In its initial rollout, the Company’s multilingual messaging solutions will integrate with multilingual domain name technology pioneered by US-based i-DNS.net International Inc.

Incorporated with funding from US-based General Atlantic Partners, i-EMAIL.net offers multilingual e-mail addressing capabilities in over 50 languages across multiple markets. This means that users can create e-mail addresses in almost any language they choose. Not only will it be intuitively easier to address individuals on the Internet, but it also allows them to maintain their unique identity online in a myriad of languages.

“By allowing individuals to use native character scripts in their e-mail addresses, we hope to bridge the existing digital divide and unleash the global messaging power of the Internet,” said Symon Ng, CEO of i-EMAIL.net. “i-EMAIL.net is pleased to be working with one of the established leaders in this industry, i-DNS.net – technology pioneers of the Internationalized Domain Name System (i-DNS). Together, we will leverage on synergies to ensure interoperability and jointly promote the use and accessibility of multilingual e-mail addresses.”

“i-DNS.net has always been dedicated to the true globalization of the Internet,” said Michael Ng, CEO of i-DNS.net International. “Already, more than 40 per cent of Internet users today are non-native speakers of English. The key to a progressive multilingual Internet is through collaborative efforts between leading technology players. We are pleased to work with i-EMAIL.net to offer an application which allows users – regardless of language capabilities and culture – to communicate effectively over the Internet.”

i-DNS is the technology of choice in a joint effort between i-DNS.net and Verisign Global Registry Services (formerly Network Solutions – exclusive registry of .com, .net and .org domain names) to deploy multilingual domain names through ICANN-accredited registrars worldwide.

i-EMAIL.net’s Unicode-based messaging solution comprehensively supports i-DNS and enables the issuance of local-languages email addresses based on the multilingual domain names registered here.

About i-EMAIL.net
i-EMAIL.net is the world’s first messaging solutions provider to offer multilingual e-mail addresses in over 50 languages across the globe. The company’s pioneering solutions offer individuals the power to be identified and addressed online in languages of their choice. Based on global industry standards, i-EMAIL.net’s technology is interoperable with leading e-mail systems and application platforms. The company works with Internet service providers, Webmail sites, Domain Name Registrars and Registries, as well as businesses and governments, to support their multilingual messaging needs. i-EMAIL.net was incorporated in April 2000 with financial backing from US-based General Atlantic Partners.

For more information, please visit www.i-EMAIL.net

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