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i-DNS.Net International Launches Multilingual Domain Name Services In Singapore
Appoints Vitnet Pte Ltd, LGA International and Makkal Solutions as local Registrars

General, i-DNS.net International, 5 April 2000 -- Continuing its successful roll-out in the region, i-DNS.net International today announced a strategic partnership with local e-companies LGA International, Vitnet Pte Ltd and Makkal Solutions to provide Internet users with the capability to register domain names in multiple languages, beginning with Chinese and Tamil.

i-DNS.net International, a multilingual Internet solution provider, is the pioneer of the Internationalized Domain Name System (i-DNS) and the leading global provider of multilingual domain names. Fully compatible with commonly used Internet browsers and inter-operable with the prevailing Domain Name System (DNS), i-DNS currently supports 55 major non-English languages, including Chinese, Tamil, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Arabic.

For example, a native Indian can have a web address like , while a local Internet Service Provider like Pacific Internet can provide e-mail accounts in Chinese such . This multilingual capability provides a freedom of choice previously unavailable with the old technology.

"The Internet empowers users with the freedom and flexibility to communicate and do business across geographies, cultures and time zones - the concept of a borderless society is now a reality," said Mr Michael Ng, Chief Executive Officer, i-DNS.net International.

"A multilingual internet will definitely accelerate market penetration as people find it easier to access and participate on the Internet on equal terms," said Mr Shawn Chin, Managing Director of Vitnet Pte Ltd.

Mr Yew Hock Meng, Director of LGA International agreed. "We believe in the demand for such a technology and are proud to be involved in its deployment in Singapore."

Mr Krishnan, Director of Makkal Solutions added, "The deployment of i-DNS technology would serve to further enhance user's Internet experience by enabling access to sites such as the Singapore Indian Association's website (SINDA) and the SingaporeONE Chinese Network using non-English characters."

Having successfully launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and India, i-DNS.net International also looks to widening its offerings with 2 new services - i-Email (which enables the use of multilingual email addresses) and iDirectory (multilingual keyword directory searches.)

Mr James Seng, Chief Technology Officer of i-DNS.net International says that these two related applications are natural product developments from the core i-DNS technology. He added that major Web Portals and Internet Content Providers had already expressed keen interest and talks were underway.

i-DNS technology is the result of over 2 years of intensive research and development. The company is currently working closely with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the international organisation responsible for developing technical standards for the Internet, and various Network Information Centres (NICs) to develop a globally accepted standard for i-DNS.

About Vitnet Pte Ltd
Vitnet provides a wide range of business-to-business-related e-commerce and Internet services, empowering companies to tap the new opportunities made available through i-DNS technology. By providing localization services, businesses will be able to target non-English speaking markets more effectively. For further information, please contact Shawn Chin, Managing Director, or Alicia Seah, Business Development Manager, at +65-737-5881 or fax +65-737-5297, email: idns@vitnet.com.sg

About LGA International
Founded in 1985, LGA entered the electronic information business in 1992 with its own Electronic Bulletin Board Service, facilitating communication between importers and exporters throughout South East Asia. With the opening up of Internet reselling in 1995, LGA has re-focused its business towards the Internet. Today, they provide solutions for companies that use the Internet as a critical part of their businesses. For further information, please visit www.lga.com.sg.

About Makkal Solutions
Established at the later part of 1999, Makkal Solutions 2000 is essentially a service provider for the Tamil Diaspora throughout the world. Recognizing the need for the Tamil community to be plugged to the computing world, Makkal Solutions2000 provides the networking facilities for those who want to develop and sell software packages that target the specific needs of the Tamil community. For further information, please visit www.makkalsolutions2000.com.

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