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e-Lux Corporation And i-DNS.net International Partner To Launch Japanese Domain Names

General, i-DNS.net International, 5 April 2001 -- e-Lux Corporation (6811), a provider of worldwide billing services for digital transactions headquartered in Tokyo, today announced an agreement with i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net), the world's leading provider of multilingual Internet technology solutions, to provide domain name suffixes in Japanese. The first domains to be introduced will be names ending in and .

Registration of Japanese domain names with the new Japanese suffixes will be provided through e-Lux’s new domain name subsidiary, eJapan DNS, which will launch the service in the second quarter of 2001.

Previously, Japanese domain names could only be registered using English alphanumeric domains such as dot-com and dot-net. Thanks to i-DNS.net’s multilingual domain name technology, companies and individuals will now be able to register both the prefix and the suffix in Japanese using hiragana, katakana and kanji.

"i-DNS.net’s multilingual domain name technology now enables Japanese corporations to fully extend their branding online, and makes navigation of the Internet intuitive for Japanese users" said e-Lux Corporation’s President Edward Milward-Oliver. "In future, we will consider introducing new Japanese generic suffixes after consultation with companies and Internet users, so that we can continue to meet the requirements of Japan’s Internet market."

"The Internet empowers users with the freedom and flexibility to communicate and do business across geographies, cultures and time zones. With multilingual domain names, the concept of a borderless society can now become reality. We are glad to have found a partner in e-Lux and together, we will bring the Internet to the people," said Michael Ng, Chief Executive Officer of i-DNS.net

"i-DNS.net continues to seek collaboration and co-operation with local Japanese Internet regulators to ensure consistency in Internet domain name policy management and to serve the best interests of Internet users in Japan."

"This new Japanese domain name service, combined with eJapan DNS’s exclusive portfolio of domain names to be announced shortly, give the company a unique competitive advantage in addressing the domain name industry in Japan", said Takehito Shimomura, Chief Operating Officer of eJapan DNS.

e-Lux estimates the total domain name market in Japan will be worth in excess of 180 billion over the next three years, with high demand driven by a greater use of domain names in online branding and trademark protection by Japanese companies, and the significant growth of the e-commerce sector.

With over 7,000 new unique web pages being added to the Internet every day, the worldwide demand for domain names – which provide the address for each website and document on the Internet – is forecast to grow to over 130 million by 2003, from 32 million currently. Domain registration in Asia has recorded a growth of 78% in the past year.

About e-Lux Corporation

e-Lux Corporation provides worldwide multi-platform billing services for digital transactions, and domain name registration services for corporations and individuals. In addition to its domestic operations in Japan, the company has subsidiaries and strategic partnerships in South-East Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. The company trades on the Tokyo OTC market under stock code 6811.

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