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i-DNS.net International Partners K.Y. Corporation To Provide Japanese Domain Name Registration Service

General, i-DNS.net International, 24 October 2000 -- i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net), the world's leading provider of multilingual Internet technology solutions and K.Y Corporation, one of Japan’s leading provider of multimedia-related services, today announced the immediate availability of domain names entirely in Japanese.

Registration of Japanese domain names ending with “"” and “"” (corresponding to “.com” and “.net” respectively) can be made online at KY Corporation’s website - www.nihongo-domain.com. Any organization interested in registering its domain name in Japanese can simply visit this website to register online today.

Previously, domain names could only be registered using English alphanumeric characters. Thanks to i-DNS.net’s multilingual domain name technology, a domain name like www.maiasa-shimbun.com can now be registered as "", "", "" or "". This allows companies to use corporate names, product marks and service brands as domain names.

“i-DNS.net’s multilingual domain name technology enables Japanese corporations to integrate names and brands between the real and cyber worlds,” said K.Y. Corporation’s President Yukio Kawashima. “This innovative technology will help Japanese companies build up its corporate identity, launch and promote its products on the Internet using familiar Japanese characters.”

“We are pleased to partner K.Y Corporation in bringing the Internet to the masses. Together, we will work to make ‘surfing’ an even more intuitive and enjoyable experience,” said i-DNS.net Chief Executive Officer Michael Ng. “We believe that this key enabling technology will continue to contribute to the explosive growth of the Internet and e-commerce in the region.”

i-DNS.net currently provides local language domain name registration services across the globe in more than 20 different languages through its respective registrar partners.

About K.Y. Corporation
Since its establishment in August 1997, K.Y. Corporation has provided “multimedia” communications services, including mobile communications business centering in the Kanto and Chubu regions, and the Internet business, to promote the wider acceptance of a variety of multimedia products and services from personal to business use.

For further information about K.Y. Corporation, please visit www.ky-c.co.jp.

For Registration of Japanese domain names in Japan

Contact: K.Y. Corporation Mr. Takayuki Miki, general manager, Internet Department Phone: 0463-20-1400 Fax: 0463-20-1460 E-mail: miki@ky-c.co.jp

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