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Hindi Domain Names Now Available

General, i-DNS.net International, 16 August 2000 -- i-DNS.net International, the leading global provider of multilingual Internet solutions and pioneer of the Internationalized Domain Name System (i-DNS) technology, today expanded its offerings in India with the launch of the domain name registration services in Hindi.

The launch by the Minister for Information Technology, Mr Pramod Mahajan, commemorates the immediate availability Hindi domain names - a key enabling development that means greater Internet accessibility for the Hindi-speaking population. This announcement follows similar services in Tamil and Telugu.
For transcript of the speech by Hon. Shri Minister Pramod Mahajan, click here

Previously, domain names could only be rendered in Roman or English characters. With multi-lingual domain names, each new registrant will be able to register and use a domain that better targets their web audience while preserving their linguistic roots and unique Net identity.

"With an exponential increase of Internet users anticipated among non-English speaking over the next five years, there is a need for companies and individuals to communicate in a language that they are comfortable with, to leverage the expansive opportunities that are available on the Web," said Prof S. Subbiah, Co-Founder of i-DNS.net International. "We are pleased to support India's drive towards making a greater contribution on the global playing field by facilitating local language access to its people."

i-DNS is built upon Unicode and currently supports more than 55 languages - including Tamil, Telugu, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian and Thai. It complies with the Row-based ASCII Compatible Encoding (RACE) and fully supports UTF-5, UTF-8 and all other common local encoding. i-DNS comes fully compatible with commonly used Internet browsers and is inter-operable with the current Domain Name System (DNS).

i-DNS.net is currently in consultation with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a division of the Ministry of Information Technology, to develop Indian linguistic, encoding and technical standards. He affirmed that i-DNS.net would continue to collaborate with the Ministries, local Internet authorities, service and content providers to decide how best to deploy this key enabling technology to the Indian populace.

Any one who wishes to register Domain Names in Hindi can approach i-DNS.net's Registrar Partners - Synfosys Business Solutions www.enamaskar.com and Pacific Online www.vishwabharat.com.

About Synfosys Business Solutions Ltd
Synfosys develops innovative technologies that make computer management effective and available to everyone across an enterprise. Its Business Solutions are engineered to help businesses leverage on effective software to gain the greatest operational and competitive advantage. SynfoSys has its Development Center in Hyderabad, India with established offices in Michigan (USA), California (USA), UAE, Singapore, and shortly in Europe.
For more information, please visit www.synfosys.com

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