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i-DNS.net International Proudly Announces The Launch Of Internet Domain Names In Tamil

General, i-DNS.net International, 6 February 2000 -- Today, i-DNS.net International ties up with 3 local registrars to offer domain names in the Tamil language. With i-DNS (Internationalized Domain Name System) technology, the final building block to a truly internationalized Internet experience in this classical language is in place.

The website www.thamizh.com can have an address like while an e-zine like www.tamilcinema.com can have an address like .

Previously, domain names such as these could only be registered in English. However, this new breakthrough technology allows registration of Internet domain names in any language - Tamil, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Tamil, Arabic, etc. At the same time, it is fully compatible with commonly used Internet browsers and inter-operable with the existing domain name system.

At the launch, Dr S. Subbiah, Vice President of i-DNS.net International said, "We are proud to be associated with the people of India and the great strides it is undertaking to bring Internet to its people. Besides Tamil, we shall very soon be making the very same technology available in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and the other national languages of India."

He stressed that familiarity with English should not be the hidden prerequisite for anyone who wishes to use the Internet, "With over 68 percent of the world population being non-native English speakers, i-DNS.net International bridges the gap that has previously hindered Internet access by such users."

i-DNS.net International plans to provide language support in all major languages and to penetrate the Internet world with strategic i-DNS servers located in Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, India, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Backed by General Atlantic Partners, a global player in the IT investment business, the company will further widen the network by working in partnership with global connectivity providers like AboveNET and PSINet, where i-DNS servers are already co-located.

i-DNS.net International's global strategy is to work closely with valued partners located in each and every country. This includes collaboration with Government Ministries, local Internet authorities, Internet Service Providers, Internet Content Providers etc. The company believes that the quality of such localized relationships help lay the foundation for everybody's joint success.

In Tamil Nadu, i-DNS.net International has appointed Makkal Solutions 2000 as its Registrar Partner and Softview Computers and Tamil.com as its Sub Registrars. Any one who wishes to register Domain Names in Tamil can approach them.

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