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Hong Kong's Second Largest ISP Launches Registration Of Multilingual Domain Names.

General, i-DNS.net International, 13 January 2000 -- The second largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Hong Kong, HKNet, has today launched registration of Chinese domain names in both the simplified and traditional character forms.

Powered with technology developed by i-DNS.net International, the system co-exists with the current Domain Name System and supports 36 major non-English languages. Until today, domain names such as www.yahoo.com could only be registered in English alphabets.

Internationalized Domain Names System (i-DNS) overcomes this restriction and allows the registration of Internet domain names in any language -- Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Arabic, French, German etc. At the same time, it is fully compatible with commonly used Internet browsers and inter-operable with the existing domain name system.

Said Michael Ng, CEO of i-DNS, "Prior to i-DNS, people did not have a choice. The Domain Name System was set up to make it easier for people to access websites by matching specific IP addresses with a name. Unfortunately, because no provision had ever been made to allow non-English input and resolution, a poor guy in China would have to struggle with an alien language before finding the website of his choice."

Charles Mok, Deputy Managing Director of HKNet, elaborated, "Now that they can interact and do business in a language they are comfortable with, non-English speaking Internet users will find it less scary to come onto the Internet. This enabling technology will undoubtedly facilitate the opening up and growth of new e-commerce markets, in particular China, which is one of the fastest Internet markets in Asia."

At the launch, Michael expressed great admiration for HKNnet, "Our deployment strategy has always been to work with major local players - people who know their market best. In this respect, HKNet came extremely well-positioned and continues to impress us with their enthusiasm and professionalism. We look forward to a long-lasting synergistic relationship to realize the vision of an Internet equally accessible to one and all."

"Together, we will facilitate the transition beyond English-centric cyberspace and work towards an Internet without barriers. With i-DNS, this can now be reality."

Register your Chinese Domain Name in Hong Kong at http://www.hknet.com

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