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i-DNS.net Begins Campaign To Raise Awareness Of Arabic Domain Names In The Gulf

General, i-DNS.net International, 16 September 2001 -- i-DNS.net International (الأسماء-العربية.ك), the world’s leading Multilingual Internet solutions provider and Founding Member of the Arabic Internet Names Consortium (AINC), today announced that it would be kicking-off a 6-month media campaign to raise awareness of Arabic domain names in the Gulf.

Within this period, i-DNS.net would also be participating as a Main Sponsor in AINC’s upcoming meeting with fellow industry leaders and key Internet organizations. The event, to be hosted by Dr Ahmed Nazeif, Minister of Communication and Information, is organized on behalf of the Multilingual Internet Names Consortium (MINC) by Egypt’s Ministry of Communication & Information.

AINC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the Internationalization of the Internet for all Arabic-using people. By coordinating efforts to develop and deploy interoperable Arabic Domain Name systems and applications, AINC seeks to empower users with the ability to use the Arabic language and character set to navigate the Internet.

“As pioneers of the Internationalized Domain Name System and operators of the first registry for multilingual domain names, i-DNS.net (الأسماء-العربية.ك) commits to contribute its extensive industrial experience to the development of deployment policies here,” said Wael Nasr, i-DNS.net’s Director of Business Development (Middle East), Vice-Chairman of AINC and co-founder of MINC’s Arabic Working Group.

“Having collaborated with Egypt’s Information & Decision Support Center (IDSC) in the deployment of an Arabic system for its own country-code top level domain names, i-DNS.net is well-placed to offer the same professional expertise to interested country-code administrators, domain name registries and registrars worldwide,” said Patrick O’Brien, i-DNS.net’s Vice-President & General Manager, Registry.

“With the option to use Arabic, anyone and everyone will be able to draw from the incredible storehouse of knowledge and information that exists in the Internet. This will definitely make web browsing much easier and contribute to the growth of Internet users here,” said Dr Rafaat Radwan, Head of IDSC.

Those wanting to register web addresses ending with the Arabic equivalent of <.com>, <.net> and <.org>) may enquire with i-DNS.net’s Registrar Partners Linkdotnet, Internet Egypt, and Atheeb Computer & Communication Company today.

About Multilingual Internet Names Consortium (MINC)

The Multilingual Internet Names Consortium is a non-profit, non-governmental, international organization. It focuses on the promotion of multilingualization of Internet names, including Internet domain names and keywords, internationalization of Internet names standards and protocols, technical coordination and liaison with other international bodies. It has more than 40 organizational and individual members from all continents of the world, from industry, academia, research, government, investors and international organizations.

For more information, please visit http://www.minc.org

About Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC)

The Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) was initiated as a center to support the Egyptian Cabinet’s decision-making process, particularly that which involved socioeconomic development, acting as well as a catalyst for building Egypt’s information infrastructure. Ever since its initiation in 1985, IDSC has been working on the process of building up Egypt’s Information Technology (IT) industry and decision support infrastructure, in addition to developing a base for the nation’s software and hi-tech industries.

The Center evolved around Egypt’s dedicated efforts towards joining the international IT revolution, and institutionalizing the decision making process through access to information. IDSC was also established with the long-run vision of providing information access to the public at large particularly businesspeople and investors.

Over the past decade or more, the Center has successfully achieved its basic goals of setting up an information core for the decision making process of the Egyptian Cabinet, and has also in the process created channels for the flow of information both locally and internationally.

For more information, please visit http://www.idsc.gov.eg/

-- Translated Article
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