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i-DNS.net International Announces Launch of Arabic Internet Domain Names
First Commercial Partnership in Egypt with Internet Egypt and Link-Egypt

General, i-DNS.net International, 24 May 2000 -- For the first time in Egypt, and soon in the Arab World, companies and interested individuals will be able to create web sites using domain names written in Arabic characters, thanks to i-DNS.net International, a US-based provider of multilingual Internet solutions. With i-DNS.net, it is now possible to register Internet domain names in as many as 55 languages -- including Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Thai, Tamil, German and Russian.

Domain names are the general addresses of sites on the Internet. Currently, these addresses can only be rendered in Roman or English characters, even in countries that do not use these characters in their written language. While we have witnessed the explosive growth of websites with localized content in China, Russia or the Arab world, users trying to access these sites still have to key in Romanised characters instead of their own alphabet.

Backed by US-based General Atlantic Partners, LLC, i-DNS.net seeks to bridge the gap that has hindered Internet access for non-native English speakers of the world. It does not ask that web sites give up their English domain; rather, it provides an alternative choice for companies and individuals to own domain names in their local language as well. As the pioneer of the Internationalized Domain Name System (i-DNS) technology, i-DNS.net has ensured that the technology is fully compatible with commonly used Internet browsers and inter-operable with the current Domain Name System (DNS).

Because the original form of each language will be maintained and utilized on the Internet, this also helps preserve the cultural identity and linguistic integrity of each country. i-DNS technology will greatly facilitate the opening of global e-commerce markets by supporting the presence of Arabic as an international language in the Internet. Proficiency in English will no longer be a pre-requisite, and i-DNS technology will empower the 68% of the global population who are non-native English users to fully benefit from the Internet – the world’s largest source of information and entertainment. Businesses will also be able to develop e-commerce elements that allow them to compete in a global marketplace.

i-DNS.net has entered into a commercial partnership with Internet Egypt and Link-Egypt to make this vision a reality.

Lo Pang Hee, i-DNS.net Chief Operating Officer said, “The Internet has helped to establish a more flexible and free means of communications, eliminating geographical, cultural, and time restraints to businesses. This means that an even greater number of people can access and enjoy the Internet more frequently, leading to a dramatic growth in the e-commerce market.”

Dr. Mona el-Kaddah, Vice President of Internet- Egypt, described the benefits of owning a domain name in the Arabic script. “ It represents your identity, your calling card, the benefits are enormous, once registered its yours, and nobody can take it from you. So far Web access has been limited to native English speakers, I believe that this is very exciting as it opens up the internet to people who were previously denied access because of their language”.

Both Dr El Kaddah and Samer El-Gamal, Vice President of Marketing of Link-Egypt expressed great excitement and optimism at the cultural impact of promoting the use of Arabic on the Net throughout Egypt and the Arab world.

Internet-Egypt, Link-Egypt and i-DNS.net will be present at COMDEX 2000 Exhibition, to be held at Egypt’s International Conference Centre on 28-31 May 2000.


About Internet Egypt
Internet Egypt is the largest private sector ISP in Egypt, providing a complete range of networking solutions and Internet services to corporations, private businesses and individuals. The company has, over three years of successful operation, formed a varied and rich customer base cutting across many different sectors and disciplines.

The Company was founded in February 1996, with a starting capital investment of L.E 500,000, which was later increased to L.E 1,500,000 in 1998. Since its establishment, Internet Egypt has pursued an aggressive growth and expansion policy, building up a powerful base in terms of infrastructure, assets, expertise and manpower.

A major shareholder in Internet Egypt is Dr. Ahmed Bahgat, of Bahgat Group, a prominent businessman who has widespread interests in electronic/electrical manufacturing (with extensive factory complexes in the 6th of October city), residential development (Dreamland Egypt comprises one of the largest residential, tourism and entertainment complexes in Egypt), and numerous other interests in various areas including Internet and networking/communication infrastructure.

For more information, please visit www.internetegypt.com

About Link-Egypt
Since its first day of operation Link Egypt has been setting new standards for Internet connectivity and Web development in Egypt. A totally new concept of Internet services and client satisfaction has been introduced to the Egyptian market.

Link Egypt is considered one of the Leading Internet Solution Providers in the Middle East Region. Headquartered in Cairo with a staff of over 100 employees, Link Egypt offers total packages for its clients, ranging from dial-up connectivity to full scale Commercial Internet Development.

For more information, please visit www.link.com.eg

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