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NSI launches registration services for domain names in Japanese, Korean and Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Tri-focal developments in Chinese domain name system confuses market

Hong Kong, Sing Tao Daily, 25 October 2000 -- The various Chinese domain name systems have yet to be standardized, and the confusion that it has caused in the market would seemingly enshroud the future of Chinese domain names in shadows. However, some companies are ignoring the apparent confusion and are coming up with their own versions of the system. Backed by ICANN, NSI announced yesterday the launch of its registration services for domain names in Japanese, Korean and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. This further confounds the Chinese market.

Companies currently offering Chinese domain name registration / System employed to offer such registrations
Company namesSystem employed
Network SolutionICANN
Secure Site TechnologyENIC / i-DNS.net
New Cyber Internationali-DNS.net

The registration service offered by NSI is different from those offered by other companies. The main difference lies in that the Chinese domain names supported by NSI is represented in Chinese characters only in the middle while the rest of the domain name remains in English in a Chinese-character/Roman-alphabet mix. For example, www. ????.com would be the kind of domain name format offered by NSI.

Extending the advantages of using the .com extension

The Asian-Pacific Director cum Manager of NSI, Mr Zhang Ziheng, said that the format is NSI's advantageous selling point: suffixes like .com, .net and .org are the world's mist recognizable TLDs; thus Chinese domain names with such suffixes would be highly adaptable to companies on the whole. Moreover, ICANN is the governing body for the 3 above-mentioned TLDs. With these advantages, Zhang is confident that the company can carve a niche in the market.

However, there are currently too many systems for Chinese domain names in the market: besides Singapore-based i-DNS.net and China's CNNIC, companies like 3721 International and MyDNS etc. are also researching their own version of the technology. Now, one single Chinese domain name has a multitude of formats due to differences in technology. To avoid the situation of having their corporate names abused by others as a domain name, companies have been registering all kinds of versions of their respective Chinese domain name. With the addition of ICANN-backed NSI, the Chinese domain name registration market has just become tri-focal.

One single Chinese domain name with a multitude of formats

Zhang acknowledges that the situation mentioned above is likely to happen; but he does not agree that NSI's entry would further confuse the market. He emphasized that NSI's registration service is essentially different from the other companies in that the new service is but a continuation and development from the company's prior operations in English domain name registrations. NSI is thus not in competition with the other companies offering Chinese domain name registration services in the market. On the contrary, NSI has in fact partnerships with many of these companies and other organizations. As to whether a company has to register for all the various permutated versions of its domain name, Mr Zhang believes it is up to the discretion of the company through its assessment of corporate needs.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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