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Domain Name Rush in Mainland China

Hong Kong, HongKongGlobe, 25 October 2000 -- China Channel pioneered a global launch of its Chinese domain name registration service on 21 Oct at 8am; and within three days of its launch it has garnered a total of more than 50,000 registrations.

Currently registrations in advance are, in majority, being made by Mainland China's enterprises and individuals. These registrants come from the eastern IT-developed regions and also the developing regions from the central plains and western areas. Hong Kong and Taiwan are hot markets for these Chinese domain names; and has lured organizations from developed occidental countries like Canada and America to partake in the clamor for Chinese domain names. An agency of China Channel received more than 8000 registrations for Chinese domain names in traditional Chinese characters on the first morning of operation.

The registered Chinese domain names are usually full corporate names, abbreviations of company names, brand names and are inclusive of popular geographical references like [] and [] (Changjiang and Huanghe - names of famous Chinese rivers) and generic industrial terms like [] and [] (Jianzhu and Gongye - terms for Architecture and Industry). Popular too are city names; .com and .net (Xiamen - a city in China) for example had been snapped up in the registrations.

Reportedly, the International Domain Name Registry will be officially opened by the end of this month and will be offering registration services for domain names like [.com] and [.net]. China Channel is the world's first, and China's only registry for Chinese domain names registrations.

Domain name resource management experts of China Channel said that short and easily remembered domain names are scarce. The advent of Chinese domain names not only provided China's enterprises a chance to better execute product differentiation online, but also heralded a refreshing reshuffle within the world's Internet industry. It will quantitatively and qualitatively improve Chinese Internet resources and would give a louder voice to the Chinese users.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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