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Lone Ranger Alliances against Union of Four -- i-DNS.net Seeks Conciliatory Standardization

Hong Kong, Oriental Daily News, 12 October 2000 -- No sooner had the dust stirred up by the partnership of CNNIC, TWNIC, HKNIC and MONIC with regards to the standardization of the Chinese domain name system start settling down before pioneering multilingual technology provider i-DNS.net had begun to express the wish to negotiate a conciliatory global standardization of Chinese domain name systems with CNNIC.

Concurrently, i-DNS.net announced yesterday its strategic alliance with New Cyber International to tap into China's Chinese domain name registration market. This seemed a move to better position itself when i-DNS.net holds talks with CNNIC eventually.

CEO of i-DNS.net Mr Michael Ng said that the strategic partnership aimed itself at the provision of registration services for Chinese domain names ending with [.]. Both companies in the new partnership had already invested a total of US$5 million to finance short-term developments: the number of Chinese domain names has been expected to increase to 100,000 within a year.

i-DNS.net was asked to explain the choice to ally with a company of only 3 months old; and if the move was to give itself more bargaining chips for talks with CNNIC.

Chinese Domain Names with [.] and [.] Not Available for Registration

Mr Ng said that i-DNS.net had been actively sourcing for prospective partners in the local market. New Cyber International has an alliance network with 15 provinces in China and such connections are expected to come in handy in the promotion of Chinese domain names. He further pointed out that the initial launch would only offer registration services for domain names suffixed with [.]; domain names with [.] would be considered for release should the market demand for it.

Mr Ng said technically i-DNS.net can offer registration services for domain names of any of the format. In fact, an American company had offered US$10 million per annum to register for the use of [.]; but Ng maintained that without government approval, the company would not provide domain names with [.] and [.].

As to the complication between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese characters, Mr Ng said that to avoid confusion the company has decided to fold both sets of representations into one. Supposing a company registers for a domain name in Simplified Chinese, the company would also own the site with its equivalent domain name in Traditional Chinese.

China is without doubt the largest market for Chinese domain name registrations and to tap into it, i-DNS.net would have to cooperate with CNNIC. However, negotiations have yet to be held despite numerous attempts at making contact.

Abidance to CNNIC's Policies

The current Chinese domain name registration market is split between the CNNIC faction and the i-DNS.net faction. Although i-DNS.net's technology is more advanced, it is facing difficulties achieving recognition.

This May saw the partnership of CNNIC with TWNIC, HKNIC and MONIC to form the Chinese Domain Name Consortium.

The consortium has influence over 5 major regions in Asia, and should i-DNS.net fail to reach a consensus with CNNIC its future developments in Asia would greatly be affected.

According to the CEO of i-DNS.net International Mr Michael Ng yesterday, negotiations with CNNIC have been underway in the three aspects of Regulation, Policy Management and Technology. Consensus is expected by the end of the year. He emphasized that as a domain name technology provider, i-DNS.net would abide by any policy formulated by CNNIC.

He also said that i-DNS.net has already reached an agreement with International body IETF to ensure its users would not have to worry about compatibility problems even if talks with CNNIC are delayed.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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