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i-DNS.net Partners New Cyber to Offer Chinese Domain Name Registration in China.

Hong Kong, HK Economic Journal, 12 October 2000 -- Provider of multilingual Internet technology solutions, i-DNS.net International ("i-DNS.net") and New Cyber International Ltd ("New Cyber"), China's largest domain name registrar, today announced a strategic partnership to expand the availability of Chinese-language domain name services in Mainland China. CEO of i-DNS.net Mr Michael Ng said both companies have invested a joint US$5 million in the venture.

Three Registrars in Concurrent Promotion of Services Mr Ng said in an interview with Economic Journal that New Cvber's well-established network in China's market would help i-DNS.net to promote its i-DNS multilingual technology on a national scale. Currently for Mainland China i-DNS.net has Canton-based gdtekson.com and China's first ICANN accredited registrar China Channel as strategic partners besides New Cyber.

Ng pointed out that the technological difference between New Cyber and China Channel lies in that the former supports registrations of domain names like "" while China Channel offers registration of names like ".com". Both systems operate on i-DNS technology. For now, users wishing to access domain names like "" registered with New Cyber would have to install a plug-in on their browsers to facilitate IP conversion.

China Channel's system, which supports names like ".com", is on the other hand linked to the NSI Registry - the gTLD management firm in charge of domain names ending with .com, .net and .org. i-DNS.net and NSI has announced partnership this August and NSI is currently adopting i-DNS technology to offer multilingual domain name service. Mr Ng revealed that NSI would finish its system check by 27 October, and by then users not registered with any of i-DNS.net's registrars would not even have to install any plug-in on their browsers to access a domain name like ".com".

A breakthrough is expected of New Cyber's technology by the end of October. Mr Ng said the breakthrough would allow direct access to domains like "" without the need for plug-ins, much alike to accessing domains like ".com". Mr Ng refused further comment as the matter is treated as a commercial secret. However, he said i-DNS.net would coordinate between New Cyber and China Channel to make it possible for registrants of names like ".com" to also own the similar domains like "".

Other than the developments in gTLD, i-DNS.net is also looking into the markets for ccTLD. The company has already approached organizations in charge of domain names ending with .cc, .tv and .sg to provide multilingual domain name registration services. Mr Ng revealed that agreements have been made with domain name management organizations in Ecuador and Egypt to provide multilingual domain name registration services.

Still Non-compliant with China's and Taiwan's Registration Systems

As for the Chinese markets, Mr Ng maintained that i-DNS.net has been in contact with CNNIC and TWNIC to work out a system compliant with theirs. However, he said that both NICs have refused reply since June. As a service provider, it is vital that the platform for its technology is open and compatible with other existing systems; thus Ng does not see competition between i-DNS technology and those of CNNIC and TWNIC. Moreover, operations in China must comply with the domain name policies of the nation, which is why improved communications is necessary with CNNIC and TWNIC.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
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