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New Cyber Offers Registration Services for Domain Names Ending With []

Hong Kong, The Sun, 12 October 2000 -- The world's leading provider of multilingual Internet technology solutions, i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net) and New Cyber International Ltd (New Cyber), China's largest domain name registrar, today announced a strategic partnership to provide registration services for domain names ending with []. Both companies have jointly invested 5 million dollars (approximately HK$39 million) in the venture.

A Totally Compatible System CEO of i-DNS.net International Mr Michael Ng said the venture aims at promoting Chinese domain names in Mainland China, but companies in Hong Kong are welcome to make their registrations. New Cyber has launched PRCname.com, a multilingual international domain name registration service that is compliant with i-DNS.net's multilingual domain name technology. This service will be available in China immediately.

Mr Ng has pointed out that companies now face difficulties in registering for domain names ending with [.com] as registrations are currently saturated with popular domain names already taken up by other companies. As such, domain names ending with [] or other TLD extensions would become an alternative. Mr Ng also said that the company would consider entertaining requests from enterprises for other TLD extensions like [.] pending approval from the government.

Mr Ng said that currently not all ISPs support i-DNS technology, but users of those who don't can download an iClient plug-in from the company's website to access sites with Chinese domain names on their browsers. As to ICANN's recent plans to increase the number of Top Level Domains, Mr Ng had expressed that i-DNS.net would not be registering. Besides, the company is currently busy examining the problem of non-standardization of Chinese DNS with CNNIC.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
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