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i-DNS.net International Looks Forward to Disseminate iDNS with CNNIC

Hong Kong, HK Economic Journal, 4 September 2000 -- i-DNS.net International has reached an agreement with NSI Registry to deploy its i-DNS technology so that the latter can offer registrations of non-English domain names. This arrangement has proven to be a great boost to the dissemination of i-DNS technology and the business prospects of i-DNS.net. The Business Development Manager of i-DNS.net International, Mr Edwin Tan, jested that chances of success would no doubt be higher when negotiations are to be held with other network information centers like CNNIC.

Supports Direct Keying-In of Non-English Domain Names

Mr Tan said that the alliance with NSI frees users from the limitations of ISPs in that users can now key-in direct to NSI servers the non-English domain names that would then be processed and directed to the relevant sites. He added that i-DNS.net would be strengthening ties with the various Internet organizations and NICs around the world to promote registrations of non-English domain names.

He stressed that i-DNS.net is a technology provider, and so shall remain neutral in marketing and registrations matters that are to be handled by its partners and registrars. He said that the company is currently working closely with MINC and IETF to develop a standard non-English domain name system. He expressed that the company is open about its technical standards and would gladly exchange pointers with other non-English DNS technology providers.

Resistance from China Market Affects Dissemination

i-DNS.net has, however, met with considerable resistance in the China market. According to those in the industry, CNNIC and TWNIC have finally been able to see eye to eye for a joint attempt at developing a standard Chinese domain name technology of and for their own. Both NICs had been wary of i-DNS.net's American background and had deferred the entry of the latter's technology into China's market for quite some time. In May this year, CNNIC and TWNIC contacted HKNIC and MONIC to form a non-profit Chinese Domain Name Consortium (CDNC) - seemingly to coordinate the development of Chinese domain name technology in the four territories; or to ostracize the efforts of i-DNS.net.

Mr Tan does not deny the above turn of events. He said that i-DNS.net had been trying in vain to reach an agreement with CNNIC ever since its service launch early in the year. As the CDNC possess management rights to TLD like .cn, .tw, .hk and .mo; the rejection of i-DNS technology by CDNC will imply that i-DNS users will not be able access the above mentioned domains. Mr Tan maintains that although i-DNS technology will suffer a compromise in proliferation should an agreement not be reached with CDNC; the technology is versatile enough to support not just Chinese domain names but domain names in all other non-English languages. i-DNS aims to support domain names in 59 languages. He added that i-DNS.net would be looking for another one to two more partners in Hong Kong to promote the technology. The company now boasts of 18 corporate partners from 8 regions around the world. Currently HKNet and 3gnic are supporting i-DNS technology in Hong Kong.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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