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i-DNS.net Launches Aggressive Introduction of Chinese Domain Name Registration Service - Technology yet to be named Global Standard

Hong Kong, HK Economic Times, 25 August 2000 -- Hong Kong, Hong Kong Economic Times, 2000-08-25 -- The development of a global standard for Chinese domain names has seen a break-through. With 190 million domain names registered in its registry, Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI) has chosen i-DNS, a technology developed in Singapore by i-DNS.net International, to be its standard operating system for multilingual (mainly for the Asian-Pacific region, including languages like Chinese) domain names. The full operational launch is expected to be before the end of this year. However, it has been pinpointed by those in the industry that the choice of a global standard multilingual system is still contingent on the decisions of ICANN.

Mr Michael Ng, CEO of i-DNS.net International, had revealed in a long-distance interview that NSI had already confirmed its adoption of the i-DNS multilingual technology as early as July. Both parties had been conducting tests on the technology in NSI labs in Washington; and would be demonstrating the technology to .com and .net registrars in the near future with the expectation of being fully operational between the months of October and December.

No Fear of CNNIC

In the future, NSI would have to pay US$5 service charge to i-DNS.net for every multilingual domain name registered. However both parties have yet to sign a patent contractual agreement.

Currently there are two standard systems supporting Chinese domain names: the first from i-DNS.net which has canvassed patronage from .cc, HKNET and NSI; and the other from CNNIC, which is backed by the Chinese Government and of great influence in Mainland China. Until today, the two systems are non-compatible with each other and the market is expecting a fight to the death between the two.

Mr Ng pointed out that i-DNS is not an exclusive system, and chances will be that the system will be worked to be mutually compatible with other Chinese DNS. i-DNS.net has been keeping in constant contact with other Chinese DNS companies. The i-DNS system, Mr Ng said, has reached a certain stage of "maturity" since January to be free from the threat of CNNIC's system.

Hope for an "Open System"

However, those in the industry believed that should i-DNS be rejected as the global standard, the system would not be able to soar. Mr Ng said the registration services offered jointly with NSI would support the global standard gTLD with .com, .net and .org tags; and therefore ISPs around the world would not need to install any software in order to resolve the domain names registered. Should the Chinese Government decide to reject i-DNS as a standard, Mr Ng would think it "regrettable". He maintains that both NSI and i-DNS hope for an "Open System".

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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