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Registration should enforce Stricter Regulations on Chinese Domain Names to curb Speculations

Hong Kong, Sing Tao Daily, 21 January 2000 -- Domain names have long been rendered only in English, but the poor management of websites registration, plus the overwhelming rush to register domain names, have led to many good domain names having been registered.

With the launch of Chinese domain names recently, many have begun to think that by registering and owning more websites that are of value, they can later trade-off these websites at a higher premium.

But the registry providing registration for Chinese domain names has come prepared, stipulating clauses regulating a registration list in accordance with government policies. There is hardly any chance that Chinese domain names will risk speculations or misuse.

HKNet seeks Proof of Business Registration

HKNet's senior manager Ge PeiFan said the few days since the launch of the registration for Chinese domain names, there has not been any cases of speculations.

HKNet is only opening registration for company (.com) domain names, but not for personal (.per) domain names.

Upon submission of an application, for example, if a company wishes to register the domain name for , it has to produce the relevant business registration documents as proof. Ge PeiFan felt that this preventive measure is enough to put an end to any speculations.

The senior manager added that, according to government's policy on domain names, companies have priority in registering domain names, so as to prevent their respective domain names from being misused.

But even then, if a person is out to ride on another company's name, for example, registering , and this person's company is indeed registered under the same name, then there is not much that HKNet could do.

Ge PeiFan disclosed that response to Chinese domain names was good. As many as one thousand companies phoned in to register their domain names on the very first day of launch.

And in a bid to prevent their own Chinese domain names from being registered by speculators and profiteers, these companies have registered between 6 to 10 domain names all at once, including domain names with the companies' names and their initials, as well as the respective domain names ending with the various extensions like '.com', '.net' and '.org'.

Although the technology supports the Chinese GB code encoding system, Ge said that the company will not accept applications from mainland China for the time being.

She refused to disclose which companies have already registered but said that CCT Telecom Holdings was the first local company to register a Chinese domain name. CCT Telecom Holdings-invested website 'andylau.com' has also registered its Chinese equivalent of .

3GNIC has received over 10000 applications

Another company providing registration for Chinese domain names, 3GNIC, has also reported good response over the service. A 3GNIC spokesperson said the company have received more than 10000 applications to date.

The spokesperson refused to disclose which are the companies that have registered, citing the reason that they are still processing the registration.

The only differences between the two registrars is that 3GNIC allows registration for personal domain names, and does not require proof of business registration. But the 3GNIC spokesperson said the company will verify applicant's identities as soon as an application is received, this is to prevent domain names from being speculated.

3GNIC is currently accepting only applications from Hong Kong and Malaysian companies, applications from companies in mainland China will not be accepted at the moment.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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