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HKNet partners i-DNS.net in Registration Service Launch
Launch of Chinese Domain Name Space set to trigger Speculations

Hong Kong, Oriental Daily News, 14 January 2000 -- CCT Telecom Holdings' HKNet yesterday announced its strategic partnership with i-DNS.net in launching Hong Kong's first Chinese domain name registration service, enabling enterprises in Hong Kong to render their domain names in Chinese. However, given the immense values of domain names, an upsurge in the speculation of domain names is expected follow.

Currently, company and personal domain names can only be registered in English, with many 'famous' domain names already snapped up by users. In the process, many enterprises in Hong Kong as well as overseas has to bail out huge sums of money, even to the extent of filing for legal suits to redeem these domain names.

Brand Names May Fall Prey to Speculations

Analysts in the market have not dismissed possibilities of opportunists registering Web addresses resembling trademarked company names for the specific purpose of selling the domain names at a higher premium later. At the moment, enterprises in Hong Kong have not registered their domain names in Chinese.

Personal Domain Registration not Accepted

HKNet said it is only opening application to registered business companies with relevant registration license, other applications for registration, including personal domain name, will not be accepted. When asked about the company's dispute policy, Charles Mok, deputy managing director of HKNet, replied that they will be processing registration on a first-come-first-served basis, but the firm would set up a grievance mechanism to deal with disputes among companies over the ownership of domain names.

Charles Mok further elaborated that the Chinese domain name space market is full of potential, and for a start, HKNet will be targeting its clientele at the current base of 27000 companies in Hong Kong which have already registered their English domain names.

HKNet is charging HK$960 to register a domain name for the first two years, with an additional handling fee of HK$500. The charge is HK$480 per year there after.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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