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Internet revolution blows in the Arab World

Egypt, Al Alam El Youm, 29 May 2000 -- The Internet world witnessed last week an important development after i-DNS.net signed an agreement with Egyptian companies Internet-Egypt and Link-Egypt to start registering the Domain Names in Arabic and not in English as it is usually done. Egypt will be the first country in the ME where the system will be applied. Experts consider this step as being a strong push to raise the number of Internet users in the Arab world and strengthen e-commerce without compromising national identity.

"The new service will not require a change in the system," said Lo Pang Hee, "since it relies on a system based on Unicode and can be used through all Internet programs, such as Outlook, Netscape, Sindbad." Moreover there is a movement toward seeing i-DNS protocol to be accepted internationally by ICANN.

Wael Nasr , i-DNS Middle East Manager points out that there are 15 other companies with which i-DNS.net has signed agreements in different parts of the world to serve 55 languages as it did for Arabic with Link Egypt and Internet Egypt. More languages will be launched in the future. Customers registered with Link Egypt and Internet Egypt will be able to enter the Arabic sites with no problem, while those registered at other Internet servers will have to download it from the company's site, free of charge.

Samer El Gamal, Vice President Link Egypt for Marketing added: "It is an excellent opportunity to increase the base of Internet users. A large percentage of Egyptians do not master the English language, while they wish to use the Internet."

The following characters have been chosen in Arabic for writing the domain name:

Instead of .com
Instead of .net
Instead of .org

Dr. Mahmoud Hegazi, member of the Arabic Language Academy, Professor of Arabic - Literature Section - Cairo University chose the Arabic counterpart of the most used Internet abbreviations. Work is going on to find a suitable translation of the remainder. According to Wael Nasr, i-DNS.net does net cancel the possibility of entering the Internet in English, on the contrary it give a second option to companies and persons to have a domain name in their own language.

The new service helps preserve the national languages, enlarges the user base by allowing people who have not mastered English to use the Internet, and thus gives a positive push to e-commerce. There are 140 million Internet users over the world, and this number is expected to increase to 500 million during the next three years, said Mona Kaddah from Internet-Egypt. The past few years witnessed a tremendous development in e -commerce and thousand of sites in Arabic, despite having to write the DNS in English. This is why i-DNS .net is offering an ideal solution to this problem. A solution that will enlarge the base of internet users in the Arab world that amounts to 2 million. She also assured that i-DNS.net is compatible with the actual system and it is possible to write the domain names in many languages.


i-DNS.net in a nutshell:

i-DNS.net International is the company behind the Internationalized Domain Name System, technology that allows people to use the language of their choice for their Internet Domain Name. Established in October 1999, its headquarters are in the United States at Silicon Valley and it currently has regional offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and India.

It pioneers the global deployment of i-DNS technology and champions the use of multilingual domain names. Its global strategy is to work closely with local partners - in Egypt they are Link Egypt and Internet Egypt - to jointly promote the i-DNS back-end technology that will allow people who do not master English to enter the Internet by simply using their own language.

Lo Pang Hee, i-DNS.net Chief Operating Officer believes that an even greater number of people can access and enjoy the Internet more frequently, breaking the English language monopoly on Internet sites especially that a great number of people in the world do not master English.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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