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For The First Time in Egypt -- A New Technology that Bridges the Gap Between Those Who Do Not Speak English and the Internet
Registration in Arabic of Company and Individual Domain Names

Egypt, Al Ahram Al Iktissadi, 29 May 2000 -- Individuals and companies will be able to create web sites using domain names written in Arabic characters instead of English.

It will be also possible - for the first time - for Internet users to enter and surf the Internet in Arabic. The Internet will not remain the domain of English speakers anymore. From now on any company will be able to write its web site instead of pyramids.com. How?

The service was made possible after i-DNS.net International decided to apply its domain names technology in Arabic. It signed an agreement with Link Egypt and Internet Egypt, thus using Cairo as its platform to enter the Arab and Middle East region. The agreement allows the two Egyptian companies to register Internet domain names of Egyptian companies in Arabic.

i-DNS.net is an American company based in Silicon Valley. It owns the 'Internationalized Domain Name System' - that is a new technology allowing the use of any language to enter the Internet.

The aim of this technology is to allow all people to benefit from the Internet, thus breaking the barrier that has hindered its access to all those who do not know English.

During the press conference Lo Pang Hee, i-DNS.net Chief Operating Officer, stated that the new technology allows people to register and use domain names in more than 55 languages, like Arabic, Korean, Japanese, chinese, Spanish, French and Thai.

Using Arabic characters instead or Roman ones does not cancel the web site access in English, but gives companies and individuals the option of possessing domain names in Arabic, their own language. The new technology is fully compatible with commonly used Internet browsers and inter-operable with the current Domain Name System.

But, what benefit will this new technology bring to businesses in Egypt?

When asked, Mr. Lo Pang Hee, declared: "There are several benefits. The first one concerns the Egyptian registrars themselves. They will be able to apply a multilingual technology, offer their clients a new service and open new markets. The second one is that this technology will increase the number of people accessing to the Internet and benefit from its possibilities, regardless of their knowledge of the English language. The user will be able to surf the Internet in Arabic, from the beginning till the end, from opening the site in Arabic to reading the web pages in Arabic. It leads us to the third benefit: It will open new doors to Arab and Egyptian institutions and companies regarding the e-commerce. Language will no more be a barrier.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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