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i-DNS.net Press Conference - Cairo May 24th 2000

Egypt, The Egyptian Gazette, 26 May 2000 -- A large group of journalists met in Cairo for a press conference to launch the groundbreaking new i-DNS.net in Egypt. i-DNS.net is a pioneering and globally significant development within the worldwide Internet industry. Essentially, i-DNS (which stands for Internationalised Domain Name System) technology is a stunning piece of innovation that allows Internet domain names to be registered in a host of different scripts, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, Celtic, Tamil, Arabic and many others.

At the conference, Mr. Lo Pang Hee, the Chief Operating Officer of i-DNS.net's global operations delivered a speech highlighting the cultural, economic and social benefits of the new multilingual system. Mr. Hee highlighted the problem of English language domination on the Internet and the empowerment that the new system offers, saying, "the barriers have been removed...Until recently English has been the foundation of the Internet. Now with the new technology powered by i-DNS.net, the Internet can be used in other languages as well." Mr. Hee went on to highlight the huge obstacles removed by the new technology, saying that non-English speakers would no longer have to labour with an alien tongue and with the new technology, a storehouse of information would be unlocked for generations to come.

"i-DNS.net now has offices in 13 countries worldwide and has added 55 languages to its system to date," said Wael Nasr, Business Development Director for the Middle East. "Dr. Mahmoud Hegazi, Professor of Arabic at Cairo University, has been charged with translating the various net addresses finding suitable alternatives to .net, .com and .org by employing Arabic letter taken from the translated meaning," added Wael Nasr.

The press conference marks i-DNS.net's entrance into the arab world and its new partnership with Internet-Egypt and Link-Egypt. These two companies have chosen to act as registrars for the new system within Egypt, the first Middle Eastern country to have access to the pioneering new multi-lingual system.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
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